Daryl Hannah Helps Fight Sex Trafficking


Actress and activist Daryl Hannah is taking a stand against sex trafficking, even riding along with Oregon cops as they patrolled strip bars and areas known for prostitution.

Daryl Hannah, an actress most known for her roles in “Kill Bill and “Splash”, is taking a stand against sex trafficking.

The actress was in Portland, Oregon to attend a weekend conference on sex trafficking, where she did a ride-a-long with police.   Hannah said she was stunned to see so many young women with pimps.

Daryl told KGW.com, “I was shocked at what I learned. Most of the girls in these strip clubs are not just girls looking to make cash; a majority are represented by pimps.”

Hannah is also in support of a bill sponsored by U.S. Senator Ron Wyden that would fund shelters for young women to help them escape sex trafficking, explaining, “To learn there are no shelters specifically for victims of trafficking is absolutely shocking.”

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