Christopher Ciccone Thinks Sister Madonna’s Cradle-Robbing Ways Are “Creepy”


Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone finds his sister’s love of much-younger guys a bit strange.

Christopher Ciccone, who hasn’t spoken to his sister Madonna in years after writing a tell-all book about her, thinks it appears creepy that she dates such young men.

“I guess if she continues to date all these much younger guys, it could start to look creepy,” Christopher told Radar Online.

Madonna is currently dating Brahim Zaibat, 24.   The singer, 52, is eight years older than Zaibat’s mother.

Before dating Brahim, Madonna dated 24-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luiz.

“She certainly isn’t following societal values, but then again my sister never has and probably never will either,” Ciccone said.

“I think that a lot of Madonna’s emotional needs are met by taking care of her children; these boyfriends must really be like a kind of distraction for her,” Christopher said of his sister.

Madonna was previously married to Guy Ritchie for eight years.   Ritchie was ten years her junior.

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