Charlie Sheen Smoked “Tennis Ball Sized” Pile Of Cocaine


Charlie Sheen reportedly smoked a “tennis ball sized” pile of cocaine before he was carted off to the hospital on Friday, according to porn star Kacey Jordan.

Charlie Sheen smoked a huge amount of cocaine during his 36-hour party at his Beverly Hills mansion last week.

Porn star Kacey Jordan appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning and gave the grimy details.

Kacey said she was offered $5,000 to attend Charlie’s party and when she arrived Sheen had asked, “Where’s the drugs?”

Another guest said, “We ran out”.

Jordan told about how Sheen had ordered more drugs, stating, “A guy eventually shows up and he opens his bag and dumps open I would say about a tennis ball size, of cocaine on the table. It was all over the back of the counter, Sheen was chiseling it off,   hitting it every two to five minutes”.

Jordan also revealed that Sheen had plans to rent a large home for partying and stock it with porn stars.   And that he asked if she could babysit his kids when they visited.

Jordan said, “I think, maybe, the babysitting part was important to him. So that, maybe when he was doing his drinking, maybe that he didn’t have to have his kids see him be like that and then have one of us girls watch them.”

Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards, later responded to Kacey Jordan, tweeting,   “No ‘adult film star’ will be babysitting our kids!” she wrote.

Charlie has checked into rehab, where he expected to stay for three months. Sheen’s rep recently said,   “Charlie is currently seeking the medical attention he needs. It is a shame that… opportunistic women are trying to take advantage of his celebrity status”.

Kacey Jordan also added that Sheen’s behavior was similar to someone on a “suicide binge”.

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