Bristol Palin Has A New Boyfriend


Former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Bristol Palin has confirmed she has a new boyfriend.

Bristol Palin, 20, daughter to former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, confirmed on the Alaskan radio program “Bob & Mark” that she has a new beau.

Sources say Bristol’s new love is a 20 year-old pipeline worker in Alaska.

Bristol was apprehensive but agreed with the statement, “Yeah, I’m seeing a guy, and he’s really great and Tripp loves him and we’re having a good time and we’re really good friends.”

Palin briefly touched on the custody battle with ex Levi Johnston over their son Tripp, denying the rumor that she had legally changed her son’s name.

Bristol also spoke about a possible job offer on the radio near her home in Arizona.

Here’s Bristol on the Bob & Mark show:

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