Anne Hathaway To Play Lesbian Aunt On “Glee”


Actress Anne Hathaway will reportedly be guest-starring on “Glee” in a role she invented for herself.

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy confirms that Anne Hathaway will be appearing on “Glee” in the future.

“We just finalized a deal with Anne tonight to come onto the show,” creator Ryan Murphy said at the Golden Globes.

“She’s already created [her role],” Murphy said. “She wants to play the lesbian aunt of Chris Colfer. Because everyone needs a lesbian aunt.”

Glee’s Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch were first-time winners in the supporting actor and actress categories at the awards show.

“Whenever you do something twice, it proves that the first time wasn’t a fluke,” Murphy said. “It means I dug in there and did some good work.”

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