Alex Reid Furious At Katie Price For Exposing His Cross-Dressing Alter-Ego


Things are getting crazy in the split between cage-fighter Alex Reid and model Katie Price.   Alex is accusing his estranged wife of “killing” his cross-dressing alter ego he calls Roxanne.

Alex Reid claims Katie Price “killed” his alter-ego Roxanne by forcing him to dress up at a book launch in October 2009.

Reid, 35, whose 11-month marriage was announced to be over, has said he will make Katie “pay” for exposing his cross-dressing.

Alex reportedly told a pal,   “Roxanne is dead and it was Katie who heartlessly exposed her. She murdered her. She is evil and she will pay.”

The friends adds: “His upset has turned to anger. He’s been himself since day one, which is why he allowed Katie to see him as Roxanne. He realizes that was as big a mistake as the marriage. She betrayed his trust and will do anything to finish him off. People close to Alex are worried about his state of mind.”

Katie has taken off to a ski resort in Switzerland with her children joining her later this month.   Price decided to leave after Reid refused to leave their marital home in England.

A source said of Katie,   “Kate is in a mess, she has had weeks of torment and can’t take much more. She has taken an extended break to Switzerland and is hoping that the time away will relax her.

“By the time she gets back, she hopes that things might have simmered down. And obviously she is keen that Alex takes the time to move out of the house and start planning a life without her.”

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