Alex Reid Demanding Huge Divorce Settlement From Kate Price


Alex Reid is reportedly asking for close to $1 million in a divorce settlement from Katie Price,   who also goes by the name of Jordan.

Cage fighter Alex Reid and model Katie Price’s marriage is reportedly over, with Reid wanting close to a million dollars for the divorce settlement.

Sources report Katie and Alex’s 11-month marriage is over, but Alex is said to be refusing to sign a financial agreement and move out of their home in Surrey, Southern England.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper, “Kate is a romantic by nature and refused to sign a prenup.

“As a result things could get messy but if Alex has got any sense, which he has, he will not be greedy.

“He basically wants enough money to buy a house of his own, and some pocket money, because he says he invested heavily in both the marriage and the current family home.

“Kate’s pretty annoyed as she feels he landed a magazine deal off the back of her, and got more TV work by using her name. She feels she’s given him enough as it is.”

The couple married in Las Vegas in February of last year.   Katie is worth over $30 million and has reportedly refused to discuss a settlement until he leaves the marital home.   Sources claim Alex has been relegated to a dressing room in the home.

Katie, who has children Harvey, eight, Junior, five, and three-year-old Princess Tiaamii from previous relationships, said she wants Reid to talk away from the marriage with dignity instead of money.

A source revealed, “It’s a shame, it’s turned out nasty. She believes he should walk away with his head held high and with his dignity still intact.

“Katie claims Alex has made enough money out of their relationship with his TV and magazine deals over the last year. But Alex seems to have been advised that he can, and should, take more than this.”

“Both sides are a long way from agreeing a compromise. It’s a very end to a relationship and it’s getting more bitter by the day.”

This split appears as if it will be very ugly.



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