Top 10 Sexiest Actresses Of 2010


2011 is almost here and we’ve decided to compile a list of the Top 10 sexiest actresses for this past year.   Check it out and see if your favorite made the cut!

It’s almost time to ring in the New Year so we wanted to create a list of 2010’s sexiest actresses.

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1.   Natalie Portman:   She is pregnant and newly-engaged, as well as being an Oscar contender for “Black Swan”

2.   Angelina Jolie:   This actress has been a long-time favorite with her sexy, dark personality and her bee-stung lips:

3.   Megan Fox:   An actress known for her beauty than her film roles.   Megan married Brian Austin Green this year.   She’s almost perfect except for her creepy thumbs…be we can overlook those!

4.   Halle Berry:   She split with her baby-daddy Gabriel Aubry but now has found love with Olivier Martinez.

5.   Penelope Cruz:   This beautiful Spanish actress is expecting her first child with Javier Bardem.

6.   Jessica Biel:   This is one actress with a beautiful face and killer body!   She also is girlfriend to Justin Timberlake.

7.   Olivia Wilde:   The “Tron” actress is a classical beauty with a bit of exotic appeal.

8.   Mila Kunis:   We know this actress as the voice of Meg on “Family Guy” and actress from new movie “Black Swan”.

9.   Scarlett Johansson:   This actress has played several sexy roles this year in film and is on her way to being single since splitting with husband Ryan Reynolds.

10.   Kate Beckinsale:   Kate has been seen in movies varying from action flicks to comedies and is definitely a beauty!

So there we have it!   Weigh in with your opinions on your choice of sexiest actress!


  1. I really thank it time you start posting what Jolie really looks like . You need to stop posting a picture years ago. She is all BONES NOW. She a has been!!


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