Tasha Nicole Terani Breaks World Record Dribbling Soccer Ball In Heels (Video)


Tasha Nicole Teroni broke her own world record for dribbling a soccer ball in high heels!   Check Teroni out in action here!

Tasha Nicole Terani broke her record of 123 taps in 2003 to 137 times in a row, while wearing heels!

Tasha-Nicole Terani was abandoned as a newborn in 1974 in Tehran, Iran after her mother dumped her in an alley.

Her crying caught the attention of a police officer who brought her to an orphanage.

Terani spent her first two years in a rusty metal crib with four other abandoned babies. But she was adopted by an American family when she was 2 years old.

Terani became a model and became a soccer star with her dribbling skills.

She went on to found the Every Child’s Dream Foundation, a nonprofit group that provides teddy bears and handmade blankets to orphaned children, from birth to 2 years, all over the world.

“Now I can smile when I tell this story (of my abandonment) because there is a greater cause behind it,” Terani said.

Check out Tasha Nicole Terani’s mad skills in video below:


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