Natalie Portman Thought She Could Die While Filming “Black Swan”


Pregnant and newly-engaged Natalie Portman is now opening up about the grueling emotional and physical demands of playing a ballet dancer in the movie “Black Swan”.

Natalie Portman, who just announced she is engaged and expecting her first child with Benjamin Millepied, has opened up about playing the role of a dancer in “Black Swan”, revealing she felt she could die during the intense training.

The actress spent up to eight hours a day in dance rehearsals, even dislocating a rib during filming.

Natalie also lost 20 pounds for the part and said she felt so low and honestly thought she was going to die.

She told Entertainment Weekly, “There were some nights that I thought I literally was going to die.

“It was the first time I understood how you could get so wrapped up in a role that it could sort of take you down.”

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