Kelsey Grammer Explains Desire To Marry ASAP But At Huge Financial Cost


Actor Kelsey Grammer has confirmed reports that he is ready to marry Kayte Walsh as soon as his divorce to Camille Donatacci is finalized.   But the actor will reportedly stand to lose $50 million to Camille!

Kelsey Grammer has responded to reports of wanting a quickie divorce from Camille Grammer, 42, to be able to marry Kayte Walsh, 29, as soon as possible.

“Kayte and I are marrying because we are engaged, and we are engaged because we are in love and see no reason to postpone our happiness any longer,” the actor revealed.

Grammer didn’t detail when he plans to wed but stated: “We are planning something we wish to be a private affair among several of our friends. Anything else is conjecture and false. Kayte and I are the only reliable source for this story. End of story.”

But Kelsey’s divorce to Camille is going to cost the actor millions.   The former couple did not have a prenup agreement so Camille will be entitled to half of all earnings from the marriage.   Sources say those earnings total around $100 million during their 13-year marriage.

Camille and Kelsey had homes in Los Angeles, Malibu, Hawaii, the Hamptons, New York City and Colorado.   And Kelsey’s ex will be entitled to profits and syndication earnings from “Cheers” and “Frasier” that Grammer earns.

The former couple are reportedly trying to work out a divorce settlement.

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