Jason Segel Cried Hysterically When Meeting Kermit The Frog


Actor Jason Segel was so excited to meet Kermit the Frog while reading the script for his upcoming “Muppets” movie that he broke down in tears of joy.

Comedic actor Jason Segel is bringing the Jim Henson creation of the “Muppets” back to life in his 2011 project.   But the actor reveals he couldn’t control his excitement when he met Kermit at the script reading.

Segel said, “I’ve been writing this for three years now, and when we did our first table reading they brought the actual puppets, and they brought out Kermit and they had to stop because I started crying hysterically. It was so beautiful! All he said was, ‘Hi ho!’ I just turned around and he goes, ‘Hi ho!’ and I looked at him and was like, ‘We gotta stop!’ I was freaking out.”

Actors Jack Black, Amy Adams, Zach Galifianakis, Emily Blunt and Ricky Gervais will be appearing in the film, which is set for release next November.

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