Jake Gyllenhaal Buys Taylor Swift $11,000 Guitar For 21st Birthday


Actor Jake Gyllenhaal bought his new girlfriend Taylor Swift an autographed vintage guitar for her 21st birthday.

Jake Gyllenhaal, 30, surprised singer Taylor Swift with an $11,000 guitar on her birthday.

Swift and Gyllenhaal went public with their relationship weeks ago, with Jake already introducing Taylor to his sister Maggie and her daughter Ramona in New York recently.

But Jake scored some major points after buying his new girlfriend a vintage Gretsch guitar signed by country star Chet Atkins!

An insider close to the couple reveals, “Taylor is smitten. She loves how nice and affectionate he is. Jake likes that Taylor is sweet, low-key and very easy to be around”.

Gyllenhaal is currently promoting his latest movie “Love and Other Drugs”, which also stars Anne Hathaway.

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  1. Uh, my birthday's coming up. What you got, Jake? 🙂

    So here's the sitch: I wrote a book called Running of the Bride. It's pretty good. And I want to publish it. But, as any writer knows, it's uber difficult to catch an editor's attention unless you have a) a platform, meaning a group of people who already know about and support your work or b) a sex tape. In lieu of losing 10 pounds to prepare for the latter, I'm hoping to build traction by strong-arming innocent people into "liking" my Facebook page. Help a sister out, please!


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