Halle Berry Talks About Violent Childhood (VIDEO)


Halle Berry has opened up about growing up with domestic violence.   See what the actress has to say about how her traumatic childhood in her interview here.

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, 44, opened up to CNN about her work with an organization that supports women who escape violent homes.

Halle said she was just terrified as a child when her violent father physically abused her mom, saying, “I think I’ve spent my adult life dealing with the sense of low self-esteem that sort of implanted in me. Somehow I felt not worthy.” As incredible as that sounds coming from a highly paid, highly photogenic movie star, she explains, “Before I’m ‘Halle Berry,’ I’m little Halle….a little girl growing in this environment that damaged me…I’ve spent my adult life trying to really heal from that.”

The actress frequently volunteer at Jenesse Center, a Los Angeles shelter, and is helping to renovate apartments for women leaving abusive relationships.   Halle stated, “I have a spot in my soul that understands the devastation that this causes a family.”

Here’s Halle’s CNN interview:

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