Evi Quaid Skips Another Court Date…Arrest Warrant Issued


A California judge has issued an arrest warrant for Evi Quaid, the wife of actor Randy Quaid, after she skipped her latest court date on Thursday.

Evi Quaid was scheduled to appear in a Santa Barbara, California courtroom for a probation hearing, stemming from a felony vandalism case.   The judge issued a warrant for her arrest after being a no-show once again.

Evi and Randy were arrested in September for illegally squatting in a home they previously owned.

The Quaids had skipped three prior court dates and have asked for asylum in Canada, insisting they fear for their lives from alleged “star whackers”.

But Evi, 47, is once again wanted after a judge approved a new $100,000 arrest warrant.

Evi’s attorney quit after she failed to appear yet again.   She is believed to have stayed in Canada, where she is a citizen.

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