Charlie Sheen Will Not Face Criminal Charges Over Plaza Hotel Freak-Out


“Two and a Half Men” actor Charlie Sheen will not be facing criminal charges after his little meltdown in October.

Actor Charlie Sheen was being investigated after he freaked out at the Plaza hotel and a complaint was filed by Charlie’s alleged “victim”, porn star Christina Walsh.   But it looks as though the actor will not be facing criminal charges over the incident.

Walsh claimed she was the victim of assault and harassment in the second degree at the Plaza hotel in New York, when Sheen went nuts after drinking heavily.

The investigation on Sheen is still open by will be closed soon and appears highly unlikely that he will face any criminal charges.

Christina, 22, filed a lawsuit against the actor and he is counter-suing the porn star.   Sheen claims Walsh tried to extort him and that she also stole his $165,000 Patek Phillippe watch.

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