Bristol Palin Purchases Home In Arizona


Bristol Palin has reportedly purchased a five-bedroom home in Pinal County, Arizona.

Bristol Palin, the former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant and daughter of Sarah Palin, has bought herself a home in Maricopa, Arizona!

The documents from the purchase show Bristol bought the home for $172,000 from a North Dakota couple.

The home is located in Cobblestone Farms development and is a two-story, brown stucco house with a tile roof, a landscaped front and back yard, and access to a community pool.

Palin, 20, closed on the home in December, purchasing it from Michael and Cynthia Smith.

“I’m not sure why she wanted to buy that home, but we are real happy for her,” the seller, Michael Smith said.

So is Bristol planning a move to Arizona or will she just use it as a vacation home?

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