Ashley Greene Terrified Of Santa


“Twilight” actress Ashley Greene reveals she has a strange Santa phobia, dating back to a childhood experience when she asked a bearded stranger for Christmas presents.

Actress Ashley Greene has revealed she has an odd Santa phobia.

Ashley Greene said she was in a bank with her mother as a child when her mother discovered her daughter was lost.

Ashley said her mom found her sitting on a stranger’s lap.   Greene says, “She sees me and I’m on this poor man’s lap, who happens to be a little chubby with a beard… I’m like, ‘I want a pony, I want a unicorn’.

“I’m, like, three and so my mom of course then has to tell me about strangers and how dangerous they are. She’s like, ‘If you ever sit on Santa’s lap, you’ll never see your mum again.’

“After that I was like, ‘Hmmm, Santa, not so great!”

The actress is currently dating Joe Jonas of “The Jonas Brothers”.

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