Randy Travis Planning To Marry Mistress Mary Beougher!


Country singer Randy Travis has revealed to friends that he plans to marry his mistress Mary Beougher as soon as she is divorced.   Read more on Randy Travis below.

Randy Travis, who split from his wife/manager Libby Hatcher after 19 years of marriage, is planning to marry his mistress.

The National Enquirer revealed this summer that Libby, 69, caught her husband Randy, 51, cheating with his dentist’s wife, Mary Beougher.

Now the singer and Mary are looking for a home together in Gainesville, Texas.

Sources also say that Randy Travis is back to drinking again.

“Randy is taking a last shot at being the wild young man with his new lover,” a source close to the singer reveals. “He’s going through a late midlife crisis, and wrecked one of the most successful marriages in the music business.”

Randy is known for his country hits but also has recorded quite a few gospel songs.   “But now with adultery, divorce and drinking in his life, Randy is likely to lose some Christian fans,” the source added.

Travis is reportedly ready to marry Mary Beougher after her divorce is final but some believe it won’t last because Beougher has already been married several times.

“Randy says that as soon as their divorces are final, he will marry Mary in either New Mexico or Colorado,” divulged a source close to him.

Randy and Libby’s divorce was finalized last month and has left Libby “devastated.”     A source close reveals, “While she realizes it was time to let Randy go, this has almost killed her.”

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  1. Randy and Lib never should have got married. Lib was too old. I think she just wanted him all to herself.
    Randy was probably looking for a long time. he seemed so loyal to Lib and I was shocked he was so easy. Why is he drinking? What on earth did Lib do to him, or did he find out about her. I'd divorce someone that put a spy camera on me too! That was "telling"! Mary Beogher has been married 4 other times!! I give this 10 years at the most. It's sad. I wish better on Randy than this.


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