Nik Richie Of The Dirty On Dr. Phil Show


Nik Richie of was a guest on Dr. Phil’s show entitled “Dirt, Lies, and the Internet” where he was skewered for his Website.   Read below for the full transcript and see a part of the video below.

Nik Richie, the founder of the highly-popular Website, was a guest on Dr. Phil’s television show about gossip websites.   The guy was just grilled and painted as the devil when all he does is comment on slutty photos of chicks his readers send to him.

Nik was also joined by his wife Shayne Lamas, the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas.

Here’s a transcript from the show:

Dr. Phil takes a look at photos posted on Under a photo of a young woman, it reads: “She * my best friend’s boyfriend, and she has always been the type to just take anything she gets. I found these adorable pictures of her. I just wanted to know, would you?” The creator of the website, Nik, wrote a response: “No, I don’t sleep with girls who wear training bras.”

In another seemingly normal photo of a woman, the comments read: “She looks like a tranny,” and “An alcoholic and a druggie.”

These are not celebrities being trashed in the tabloids; they’re regular people whose photos get posted anonymously with dirt-dishing comments and additional commentary by Nik.

Nik is speaking out for the first time about his controversial website. He tells Dr. Phil, “When I started the site, I was looking at reality TV and how popular it was, and how popular celebrity gossip was, and I thought no one actually did reality Internet. How could the tables be turned in a gossip-type manner where it’s about real people?”

“These are just regular people going about their own business,” Dr. Phil says. “Somebody takes their picture who doesn’t like them, or for whatever reason, and then they just write terrible, horrible, insulting things about them on the website.”

“It goes both ways, but yeah, there’s a marketplace for it,” Nik says. “What I’m doing is a business “” “

“Well, there’s a marketplace for heroin too, but that doesn’t justify being a heroin addict,” Dr. Phil says.

“Yeah, but if 15 million people weren’t coming to my site, then obviously it’s something that’s demanded and needed,” he says.

“Wait a minute. You think this is needed? You think it’s a necessary element in today’s society?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I think it’s a form of holding people accountable for their actions, Dr. Phil,” he says.

“Holding them accountable? You actually think you’re holding people accountable? Who are you to hold people accountable?”

“People are sending me stuff from all over the world. I didn’t ask to be the guy. I just stumbled upon it, and the timing was right,” Nik says.

Dr. Phil tells him, “You’re not posting people’s dirt. Many times, you realize, you’re posting lies about people.”

Nik says he moderates the content and if he doesn’t believe it to be true, he deletes it. “But people can say whatever they want,” he says.

“So, you do take ownership for the site because you’re editing it and therefore responsible for what clears and what doesn’t,” Dr. Phil says.

“I’m not the one submitting the stuff,” Nik clarifies.

“I understand that you’re hiding behind a legal loophole that I think is fast closing on that, but you also just said that you edit this site, so therefore you take responsibility and have control over it.”


Dr. Phil reads comments made about one woman in a photo. “You allowed someone to post, “˜She gave her stepfather a * in exchange for her boob job.’ So, you take off the things you don’t think are realistic, and you think that’s “¦?”

Nik says only about 10 percent of the submissions make the website. “According to what I saw on the image, I thought it looked realistic, yeah,” he says.

Nik defends his business.

“Do you think that these posts that are put up are intended to embarrass or humiliate or hurt someone?” Dr. Phil asks Nik.

“I think people like to see their neighbor get to a certain point and fall, so yes, in a certain way, I think it is,” he says.

Dr. Phil doesn’t think Nik is being honest. “This is to hurt someone,” he says.

“It’s to get a rise out of someone,” Nik says. “I’m not going to say hurt because I don’t think that’s what it is.”

Dr. Phil reviews a list of teens who’ve committed suicide after embarrassing things were posted on the internet. “Ryan Halligan was 13 years old and on October 7 of 2003, he killed himself after people posting bad things on the Internet about him. Jeffrey Johnston, 15, killed himself, Rachael Neblett, Megan Meier, Hope Whitsell, Jesse Logan, Phoebe Prince, Alexis Pilkington, Tyler Clemente “” these guys, all after humiliating, embarrassing things were posted about them on the website, committed suicide, took their own lives. In my opinion, it’s not a matter of if but when that’s going to happen based on what’s being posted on”

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Nik doesn’t worry about that happening. “I take stuff down all the time. My legal team, we go through submissions, if we see something that’s even borderline, if someone says they’re going to commit suicide, I take it down. I’m not doing this “” it’s not a personal vendetta against anyone,” he says.

“No, I don’t think it’s personal vendetta, I think it’s profit for you. I don’t think you care what the impact is,” Dr. Phil says. He acknowledges that Nik does delete content when asked.

Do you feel Nik Richie was treated unfairly on the show?   It’s just business and we all know we love to see train wrecks!   Especially when the train wrecks are sporting very little clothing.   Did you catch Nik on Dr. Phil and what were your thoughts?

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  1. With all the talent this earth possesses people entertain themselves with slander and hasty behavior. Go join a war, follow politics, find alternate methods for energy, touch a life. Don't discredit people you're jealous of on some midget douche-bag's website. Every time you click on his site you put money in his pocket. People, stop hating on people. Make a difference in people and for people. Leave behind a legacy you can be proud of.

    I swear…sometimes i'm ashamed to be one of the upcoming youth of America. We lost our morals, and most importantly we lost the true meaning of life.

  2. a lot of those photos on there are totally normal ones from facebook – people are just going around pulling shit from someone's profile and starting shit. if you say people have the right to their opinion and saying whatever they want, why cant someone else have the freedom to post whatever photos they want?? people say, if you dont like the website, dont go on it. well, if you dont like a person, ignore them and dont deal with them! its unnecessary to post them on an obviously publicly humiliating website. some people get so judgmental and nasty!

  3. there are a few people on who really dont belong there. but a lot of the people who are there, are there for a good reason… girls who think they are 'models', bottle rats, pedo guys who creep on young girls, shady business people, and girls who are skanks who post skanky pictures of themselves on the internet. those people do need to be called out and those people make up 90% of the website. the other 10%….. probably sent in by some jerk who knows doesnt like them, and yah it does suck. but i dont feel sorry for a chubby girls who posts her shitty 'modelling' pictures in her skanky clothes and then whines when she ends up on the dirty and gets made fun of. or the shady business guy who creeps on girls. etc etc….. be accountable people.

    • And who are you to judge who "deserves" to be on the dirty? Who is Nik to hold others accountable when he has no idea what dilemmas are going on in there lives. When you deliberately hurt people for money, as quickly as the money and fame comes, even quicker it goes. Nik will be left with nothing and no one. Let him have his fun now, but his time will come. It always does.

  4. I like Nik Richie….doesn Dr. Phil know that having this topic on his show is not doing anything to hurt his business, in fact he is actually promoting it. I am sure traffic has increased since that episode…..People that would commit suicide based on internet bullying are already suffering from mental illness. I believe these people really need help and the bullying is not the sole cause of their demise.

  5. This man is discusting. Everything he stands for is sad and pathetic. He must have been bullied when he was young because to run a site like this is outrageous to me. This site should be shut down and he deserves to rot alone. I hate everything this guy stands for. I hope he gets his. bad. Along with all the people the support him.

  6. Actually saying 99% of the people deserve to be on is said without proof. I got posted once and it wasn't even a bad post. Random strangers just started commenting about my looks. That's not exactly what I DID but my looks that I am getting called out for. How is that fair? Definitely not idiot photos or drunk stuff but just a decent looking girl and getting picked at for certain things that are just unnecessary. Was that regulated? I think not. Cuz even though Nik Richie didn't comment something overly mean (maybe I just have tougher skin), he did still post it up and allow other people to comment. For someone who is doing nothing wrong and doesn't even go out much or drink, that's a little bit uncalled for.

  7. Actually saying 99% of the people deserve to be on is said without proof. I got posted once and it wasn't even a bad post. Random strangers just started commenting about my looks. That's not exactly what I DID but my looks that I am getting called out for. How is that fair? Definitely not idiot photos or drunk stuff but just a decent looking girl and getting picked at for certain things that are just unnecessary. Was that regulated? I think not. Cuz even though Nik Richie didn't comment something overly mean (maybe I just have tougher skin), he did still post it up and allow other people to comment. For someone who is doing nothing wrong and doesn't even go out much or drink, that's a little bit uncalled for.

    Friends of course know I don't do anything wrong so there weren't bad thing about my actions… it's just that it was a whole defense mechanism about my looks. Kinda unfair and shitty if someone who actually cared for that stuff committed suicide or develops further self esteem issues in this day and society.

  8. DIRTY ARMY STRONG and proud of it! Nik Richie is doing somthing real. telling it how it is. yes..i agree some people dont belong but 99% of the people on that site deserve every penny! I thank Nik Richie for making this site…if it wasnt for the dirty…i would have never known about my cheating boyfriend or backstabbing friends. My life has actually improved from the information he has been providing and will hopefully continue to provide for many many years to come! if you dont like it…tuff sh!t.Cant stand what he says…dont look. the dirty is here to stayyyy 🙂 keep fighting the good fight Nik!

  9. I'm someone who was posted on the site, by a cheating ex boyfriends angry ex wife…..ya thats as crazy as it sounds! ( No, they werent married when we were dating, they had divorced years before! And she is the person he was cheating on me with!!) At the time I was posted, I was horrified! Here's some picture of me from a party, taken out of context, up for all to see, with some horrible little bio about how I like to steal husbands, even though I have NEVER dated a married man, much less thought about it! But in hindsight, it's more like, "Duh! You were an idiot for posting that picture on your facebook in the first place" Especially when I knew that she was out to get me! Now, I'm a big fan! You see trashy drunk girls slutting it up at bars over and over again, Guys creeping on girls, cheaters, druggies, wife beaters, and so on, and then you see them up on and go…..ya, you really did deserve that! If I'm stupid enough to post a picture of me looking like an idiot, up somewhere, or dumb enough to be a bar slut, then, I frankly, DESERVE someone calling me out for doing it!

  10. I love the dirty! I am dirty army through and through. If you don't like what's going on with the website-it's easy to ignore! Just don't visit the site! While Nik and his commenters can get pretty vile and graphic, it's nothing you wouldn't hear going to a local bar (assuming you don't live in bum-f*ck egypt). More than that-he's judging people for what they REALLY are! He isn't going around slandering innocent minors. You should take a look at his website! The girls that are featured post grossly demeaning photo's of themselves doing god knows what. THEY post the pictures. The dirty simply gives them the attention they've been craving. Nic is giving people what they want, the ability to anonymously judge each other. It's harsh, it's gross, and it's totally optional to be apart of it. "Internet bullying" is fixable by turning off the computer.

  11. True, there are some innocent ones posted on the site that doesn’t deserve to be there however, the site itself states that’s it’s satire, gossip, and some fictional content. Agreeing with nik, u should think about what ur doing when you’re out drunk in public making a fool of yourself, wake up, you have no class and wasted. We all do stupid things in our life, all nik does is post the super stupid ones that need to wake up and reevaluate their purpose in life instead of drink or drug their life away and think that it’s awesome. If you do dumb shit and think you’ll get away with it, you’re absolutely wrong.

  12. I for one think he is a FREAK! Shame on anyone that would go to his site. I for one had never heard of this website until he was on Dr. Phil. Not sure I would have said the name of the website on National TV for everyone to have to make him more money and to hurt more people. I think Dr. Phil should have bleeped out the name or put another name there and not the real one.

  13. Nik is an enabler. He is as phony as his name. There is nothing “entertaining” about posting photos of people for everyone to bash. If that was your mother, sister or girlfriend up there for a free for all cyber attack, I am sure that you wouldn’t be as amused.

  14. I think he summed it up when Dr. Phil asked if he thinks he hurt this girl and he said yes, and then asked if he cared and he said no. This man's insensitivity is an aberration of nature and anyone who goes to the site is just enabling. Free speech is for exchange of ideas, solutions, art, science, planning and organizing – not for mean-spirited boys to bully and harass.

  15. Ohhh my god. what a joke. i like what nik richie does =] and i cant believe he was on dr phil lol. itsa form of entertainment in my opinion, people who take the dirty seriously shouldnt be on it = dont feed into your self conciousness!

    • Yes Joslyn what a joke but what if something was written about a family member that was an out and out lie. Would you take it so lightly?

  16. Just because you care what other people say does not make you superficial at all. It makes you self concious, and when you already have a low sense of self worth, seeing posts with nasty comments about you would be enough to put anyone over the edge. Just because this a$$ isn't directly posting this crap, he's the one allowing it which is just as bad, if not worse, than posting the comments.

    Just so we are all aware, I'm not talking about the people that take nude or inappropriate pictures of themselves looking for attention. I'm talking about the innocent people that have ended up victims of this guys website.

    Everything this guy is and stands for is disgusting.

  17. lol nik doesn't do that he leaves one comment, its other ppl who
    make the comments
    if ur gonna go and do something stupid why do you care what some one
    else thinks or says,
    how superficial are you if u care what other ppl say

  18. OMG!! THIS is the guy who writes all those comments about how ugly everyone is???? Holy crap?!? I thought for sure he was some gorgeous god of a man!! Now I am REALLY dissapointed!!!!

  19. This guy is a jerk.(A very short jerk) I'm sure he grew up hating everyone and wanted to say mean things about people… So, what does he do when he grows up and is to LAZY to go out and get a REAL job?

    He starts an internet company posting pix's of people(usually women) and makes money off of people being BASHED and their lives ruined.

    He will know how it feels because it will come back and bite him in the ass, or at least I'm hoping it will.

    He's a loser that could only get a girl to marry him in the first 24 hours, because after that,she'd realize what an idiot he is.

    Thank God he has big $$ because his wife would dump him in a second.

    I will NEVER go to his website, and if you do, you are only putting $$ into his pocket.

    I hope he gets a taste of his own medicine.


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