Loveable David Arquette On Howard Stern (Full Interview)


David Arquette was on Howard Stern discussing the drama from his honest comments recently.   Check out David Arquette’s interview on Howard Stern where he says Rachel Uchitel should “sew up her vagina” below!

People were bashing David Arquette for being open and honest about his split from his wife Courteney Cox.   But we find it refreshing to see a celebrity discuss what went down instead of having their pr company lie about the situation.   Ahem Charlie Sheen!

David Arquette, 39, sat down with Howard Stern to talk about the backlash from his previous comments on his split.

David gave more details on his split and confirmed that he and Courteney didn’t have a prenup.   When asked about the prenup David replied, “No.   I don’t want to talk about that. Whatever we work out it will be good.”

Arquette admitted he had slept with an Australian beauty commenting, “I’m pretty sure I’m up sh-t’s creek right now.”   He added,   “After the first girl I slept with I was crying. I know that’s not very sexy…what it does lack is that emotional love that I always have with Court.”

Stern cracked Arquette up after suggesting he should date Jennifer Aniston. David laughed saying, “Not right, not good. Cool it. Settle down.”

The actor commented on rumors that Courtney was seeing her “Cougar Town” costar Brian Van Holt. Arquette said the actor is “a cool guy.”

“Everyone has their problems but she is incredible. Any guy would be blessed to be with her,” he said. “I don’t have any hard feelings for anyone. This is life and we are just going through it publicly.”

Listen to David’s interview with Howard Stern below.   Please remember this is Howard Stern’s satellite radio show so there is lots of profanity!   Definitely NSFW!   So with that warning… enjoy!

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