“Titanic” Actress Gloria Stuart Dead At 100


Actress Gloria Stuart, who played the role of Old Rose in the Oscar-winning movie “Titanic,” has died at the age of 100.   Read more on Gloria Stuart’s death below.

Gloria Stuart died Sunday evening at her West Los Angeles home, according to her daughter writer Sylvia Thompson.

Stuart had been diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago.

Gloria was a leading lady in Hollywood in the 1930s, appearing in such movies as “The Invisible Man” and “The Prisoner of Shark Island.”

The actresses “comeback” role was when she played Rose Calvert, the 100-year-old survivor in James Cameron’s “Titanic.”

The “Titanic” movie role earned Stuart an Oscar nomination at age 87.

In June, Stuart was honored by the Screen Actors Guild for her years of service and was given the Ralph Morgan Award.

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