Randy Travis Cheating On Wife & Manager Libby Hatcher (Photos)


Country singer Randy Travis may be heading for divorce after he is rumored to be having an affair with his dentist’s wife.   Read more on Randy Travis’ marital problems below.

Randy Travis has been married for 18 years to his manager Libby Hatcher.   But is the country crooner stepping out on his older wife?

Travis’ wife told friends that she caught her husband cheating with his dentists wife!

Libby believes Travis, 41, has been having an affair with Mary Beougher, a mother of two, who is also 51 years-old.

Randy’s wife Libby, 69, is reportedly devastated after placing a spy camera on her husband’s tour bus that caught him cheating with Mary.

A friend states, “Randy owes his entire career to Lib. She’s heartbroken.”

Libby became suspicious when she noticed her husband flirting with Mary at her husband Dr. Ritchie Beougher’s Willow Bend Dental office in Plano, Texas.

“Ritchie was cleaning Libby’s teeth,” the source stated. “Randy and Mary took a walk outside.”

Mary flew to Oklahoma and reportedly hooked up with Randy on his tour bus in March.

“Lib planted a secret camera on Randy’s tour bus and caught him and Mary red-handed,” the source said.

“It’s awful. Lib’s the one who made Randy famous. Now he’s throwing her away.”

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  1. I agree with anonymous. He was underage when she took advantage. I believe that she got him where is at all for her own reasons and monetary gain. She was unheard of before I heard of Randy Travis. I was shocked as many of his fans were when they married. Seems to me she surely avoided some jail time with what they were doing before he came of age.Randy is as down to earth as any of us are. Fake people are fake people but never once in the many times I have talked to him backstage did I ever get the impression that he was snobbish.She on the other hand was a control freak. Bottom line, no matter our opinions,it's his life and his alone. It is not for ANYONE to judge him. Walk in his shoes first.Let her go bloodsucking somehwere else.

  2. We all know love is an action -Did he make a wrong choice? Probably. It does not make him less of a Christian – I am sure he did not expect this to happen – he stayed with Lib for 19 years! He made the choice to have the affair, yes – does God forgive him – Yes, He does! Randy will have to live with his decision! – We all sin and sin is the same in God's eyes!!

    Besides, where would she be without him! He made the fortune with his his God given voice!

  3. I don't feel sorry for the ugly, old, dried-up prune. She had her eye on him from the time he was 16–which makes her a pedophile. They had a sick relationship, like a mother-son-lovers thing going. As for being his manager, she's always been a controlling, hateful hag who kept him away from the female fans–kept him from all women, in fact. He's wasted his youth, his best years, on this ancient bat, all the while making her a very wealthy woman. He's slow-witted and has let her manipulate him for years, but I guess he finally figured it all out. Now he's with someone his own age, though I think he needs to get with a woman in her 30s or 40s. He should aim for a younger woman who isn't past menopause.

  4. Anyone that knows his wife knows her to be cold – hard – harsh – and controlling. She has
    received 10 times over anything she put out to get him started. Most pople in the industry can't stand her. I wish him happiness.

  5. Lib made the "red-neck" fucker. He wasn't even on radar until she took him under her wing. Travis is another ungrateful son-of-a-bitch. I hope the woman leaves him with nothing; the same way she found him. Wasn't he washing dishes in some nightclub? Pretty sure he was. He's lucky Lib didn't knock his pearly whites out. Travis sure as hell ought to get the "DUMB ASS OF THE YEAR AWARD".

  6. Actually, no this is fake. He is divorcing her yes, but this right here is fake. This is actually just people stretching the truth a little bit. If you go on MSN you can actually find the real article there. In that article there it states that they were having their share of problems but it also states that no information why they are divorcing was ever stated be either spouse. It also said that Lib (his wife) has stated that she will still be his manager. Plus, if you Randy Travis has morals it's obvious that this article is truth stretched much. Why doesn't everyone just leave this fake article and go to the real one which is located on MSN and other sites.

  7. While I was shocked to hear that something MIGHT be going on in Randy's life. I will be a Fan and a Forgiving fan Forever and ever. No one on Earth is Perfect, and we don't go to Hell for making mistakes, If Randy has made a Bad error His Lord and Savior Will forgive him. I dont really know if the people bashing Lib have ever seen her in person???? I have and I thought she looked small except for her chest size, maybe the person was jealous of that??? I will hope and Pray that Randy and Lib do what ever is right in their lives. I personally wonder if maybe this Younger guy McCrystal that Lib is a Manager of is taking time away from Randy?? It would be NO excuse for an error, but let us just know there are two sides to every story and maybe someone is making this up to get him some negative publicity. He is and will always be my #1 singer. I pray God to Bless his life.

  8. Wow, people really get upset when they find out some celebrity cheated on his wife. Does everybody realize this has no impact whatsoever on our lives unless your one of the people involved? I just saw this on the yahoo news page and was reading cuz im bored.I dont know who this guy is, but aparently his music is good, what else do we need to know about him? His life is his life. Sure, cheating on your wife is low and cowardly, but that goes for everyone that does it. I know 5-10 people that have cheated on their spouse, they either got a divorce or dealt with it and moved on all by themselves, and guess what….The world did not end. Same goes for Tiger, dude plays golf and hes good at it and fun to watch, he made a big mistake but thats his problem. Come on people im sure we all have our own problems to worry about, why add other peoples problem to the list (Especially when they dont want you to know!!!). To those of you saying wat are you supposed to believe if no one explains, um…..I was abducted by aliens at the age of 10 and was given superhuman ablities, I now roam the earth saving people from horrible deaths…no further explanation…hmmm must be true then.

  9. I’m so sorry
    to hea about this if it is the truth…
    Randy and Lib
    are devout
    Lets pray that they work it out
    think Randy
    and Lib need
    good solid
    counseling if
    this is the truth…
    And fans stay out of
    their personal
    God will work it out…
    I pray Gods
    on their
    marriage to
    stay together.

    Randy you
    are so talented and
    I know you
    want to do the right

    • leave the church out of it..They might be christtians as you put it but they are still human…If Randy doesn't want to be in the marraige than get out.They are joined by a piece of paper not at the hip..He only married her so she could keep him out of jail…He is doing the right thing by wanting to be happy for once in his life and i don't see anything wrong with that…..

  10. I think she may have put him on the right track and got him started but HE did the singing. I hope he really loved her and wasn't in the marriage so long because he felt obligated for her career help. It was mutually beneficial.

    If it's over , it's over. Stay friends.

  11. People who know Elizabeth know her to be pushy and back-biting. If she were a guy, she would screw you with sandpaper on her dick. She has been demeaning Randy in public for years and treats him like a kid. Good for Randy for finally finding a slice of happiness elsewhere!

  12. If you were 52 would you want a old wrinkled 69 year old woman or one 51? I rest my case. Look at Lib’s pictures, she is poured into her dresses. Has to be a trip when she is undressed and it all falls to her knees.Nothinbg tiny about her that I can see

  13. Know the whole story not just what you read in the scandal sheets. Randy and Mary have been friends for many years. Yes her husband was his dentist but there is a lot more to the story. Randy even does ads for Mary's corporate ranch for Gods sake! There is a lot more than others can see!

    • Jeff, are you Jeff Davis by any chance? YOu seem to know "more" about all this. Everyone would love to know the truth here. It's not a light thing to have an afair. It should reflect on how people look at you. RAndy should give the world an explanation. We're tired of these immoral celebrities we don't even want to go see anymore.WE really thought he was different.

    • If there is some explanation please tell us.

      We love his music and do not want to believe gossip but what else can we do if no one explains to us.

  14. She may be tiny to Brenda but the old lady has Always been overweight. Fat is Fat tall or short. She has been know for years to be rude to fans and also worried someone might make a buck off a tee shirt that she doesn't stuff in her purse. Never liked her for what she did to her husband.Cradle robber.

  15. Brenda, you seem kinda hostile. Hope everything is okay. We dont know each other, but in my opinion you have some sort of built of anger towards Randy. Don't let it ruin your life sweetie. Also, just because you are a celebrity doesn't make you perfect, it makes you the center of criticism, but not perfect. I have enjoyed reading all these comments. Looks like the Traywick's will be the gossip of the town "forever and ever amen"!!!!



      • I will say this. According to wilkipedia Randy Travis wrote forever and ever amen. It was based on a bike by Paul Overstreet. Randy wrote the forward for the book. You can buy on Amazon. As far as their relationship, I will worry about mine instead of theirs. As a police officer I worked with Jim and her. She does have a serious attitude problem. Finally if she is responsible for his life then she got him arrested for car theft. He got his start on his own and she was a Nashville groupie. If it was not for him then she could not afford all the cosmetic surgery. I mesmerized a lot of this in fun. Not my place to take seriously.

    • I was just reading your post on stupid celebrities…How close are you to Randy? Harold and Bobbie use to care for my husband and his (now deceased) brother when they were young. Their mother (whom is also now deceased) worked at country city and kRandy very well. My husband tells me a story about randy stealing a sucker out of his Easter basket once. He has also told me a story about watching a goat give birth in the picture window while sitting with Harold and Bobbie! My husband wants to get a personal message or letter to him, but does not know how. If you have any clue could you please help me. I wanted to surprise my husband. He serves in the United States Marine Corps and lost his mother in 2008 while serving in Iraq. He just lost his brother in August of this year. Please send me a personal E-mail if you can help or have any advice!

      Thank you,

      Ashley Williams

  16. People cheat, people steal, people lie, as far as saying he's going to hell for cheating on his wife is far fetched. It's not our place to Judge because we do not know the shoes they walk in.

  17. Is this some sort of publicity scam? I'm having a hard time believing this. Lib has had a short leash on Randy for a long time. She treats his fans terrible. I think she's been bitter sweet for Randy. I'm not so fast to feel that sorry for her. She's not supper moral. Maybe RAndy has needed out for a long time!He's always seemed very loyal to her!

    • Plus I believe she is the reason he just disappeared suddenly. One day he was hot and his music was on the radio ALL the time the next day he got married and disappeared. U believe she sabotaged his career

  18. What the HELL are you talking about RANDY TRAVIS DID NOT WRITE FOR EVER AND EVER AMEN!!




  19. you can't attack Randy Travis… he wrote forever and ever Amen.. hes practically an american institution.. when foreigner are claiming their citizenship they should have to sing a Randy Travis song right after the national anthem..

    • She is old enough to be his Mother for Gods sake.They call it cradle rubbing…I'm not a idiot…I can count she's old and Fat.

  20. Hey…give the guy a break. He's 51 she is over the hill 69 and has been over weight for ever….she did it to her hubby because she wanted Randy. What go's around. She should have known the day would come…she's 18 yrs older…


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