Willie Nelson Cuts Off His Long Hair! (Photos)


Country music fans are shocked after seeing Willie Nelson’s new short hair cut!   Read more and see photos of Willie’s trademark long braids below.

Fans were very surprised after seeing a photo on Nashville radio star Jimmy Carter’s website of Willie Nelson’s new ‘do!

“Oh Noooooo!,” wrote one fan after viewing the photo.   Another fan joked that he hoped Willie had taken his freshly cut hair and “donated it to the oil spill.”

Willie Nelson is known for his waist-long hair, which is usually worn in braids. But Willie’s spokeswoman, Elain Schock said Nelson got his hair cut a couple of weeks ago. She said that Willie didn’t make any big deal out of getting his long hair chopped off but assumed he had grown tired of dealing with his long hair.

“There’s a lot of maintenance,” she said.

What do you guys think of Willie’s shorter hair styl

Images: wenn.com/Jimmy Carter Nashville



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