Josh Brolin Cheating on Wife Diane Lane?


Actor Josh Brolin, who is married to actress Diane Lane, was photographed in what looks like a steamy kiss with actress Marley Shelton!   Read more on this story below!

Is actor Josh Brolin cheating on his beautiful wife Diane Lane?   That’s what the National Enquirer is reporting!

Brolin, 42, was photographed kissing actress Marley Shelton, 36, after a coffee date in Santa Monica, California.

“Josh and Marley sat at an outside table at a cafe sipping coffee for at least 30 minutes and talking animatedly together. Josh was not wearing his wedding ring,” said an eyewitness.

“As they walked away, Marley reached out to put her arm around Josh’s shoulder.

“A moment later, they kissed full on the lips, Josh hugged Marley and she pulled him close with her free hand.”

Of course Brolin’s rep said they are just good friends.

“Josh and Marley are dear, dear friends. They’ve done three movies together, and this was just an embrace between old friends,” Brolin’s rep said.

We all know Brolin’s marriage to Diane, 45, has been tumultuous in the past.

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