Former Miss Russia Anna Malova Arrested


Former Miss Russia Anna Malova, 38, was arrested on drug charges in New York.   Read more on Anna Malova’s arrest below.

Anna Malova, 38, was arrested after she left a Greenwich Village pharmacy on Tuesday.

Malova is a doctor in Russia but doesn’t have a license in the United States.

Anna Malova was Miss Russia 12 years ago and also made the top ten in the Miss Universe pageant.

A NYPD special narcotics officer arrested the former beauty queen at the pharmacy on 6th Avenue after the pharmacist said he believed that Malova had stolen a doctor’s prescription pad to acquire prescriptions for painkillers.

Malova was charged with “criminal possession of narcotics, forgery and criminal impersonation of a physician” on Tuesday.

Malova was charged with petty larceny for the same criminal act just a few months ago.

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