Nadya Suleman aka Octomom Facing Foreclosure


Nadya Suleman, who has been nicknamed Octomom, may be evicted from her $564,900 home with her 14 children.   Read more on this story below.

Nadya Suleman may have to find a new home for her and her 14 children.

The two-story, four bedroom, three bath house in La Habra, Calif., was sold to Ed Suleman (Nadya’s father) last year with monthly payments of $4,130.   The owner of the property, Amer Haddadin, made an agreement not to charge the Suleman’s any interest on the home until March 10 when a balloon payment of $450,000 was due.

Suleman gave birth to octuplets in 2009 after already having six other children. All 14 children were conceived via in vitro fertilization.

Haddadin said Ed Suleman has not kept up his end of the deal. “What they are doing is not right, and I am going to take them to court,” he told Los Angeles’ KABC-TV. “They are not cooperating with me.”

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