Brady Bunch Star Barry Williams In Legal Battle With Crazy Ex Elizabeth Kennedy


The Brady Bunch actor that played Greg Brady, Barry Williams, is dealing with repercussions of dating a crazy bitch. Read about Williams’ trouble with ex Elizabeth Kennedy below.

Barry Williams’ ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Kennedy, used his ATM card 75 times without his permission… totaling around $50,000!

But that’s not the only issue in the ongoing legal battle between the former Brady Bunch star and Elizabeth Kennedy.

Elizabeth Kennedy filed court papers on Monday opposing Williams’ request for a temporary restraining order and also revealed that   she’s going to file a palimony suit and wrongful termination suit against him!

Sources say that is just the tip of the iceberg with Kennedy’s craziness.   Wiliams says that Kennedy threatened to kill herself and him too after she lost a beauty pageant. She also has reached for a knife during a tiff, knocked his glasses off his face and has tried to kick him. Wow! Sounds like they had a great relationship!

Kennedy, 26, says she is not violent and that Williams, 55, “wined, dined and seduced her.   They reportedly had an “employment relationship.”

“He feels completely betrayed by a women he did everything for,” a pal reveals. “It hurts to find out that someone you’re living with did this to you.”

Williams and Kennedy seemed happy for the years they dated but a friend reveals, “She doted on him. But all his friends sensed she was obsessive.”

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