Actress Amy Adams Is Pregnant (Photos)


Amy Adams expecting first child

Actress Amy Adams and her fiancé Darren Legallo are expecting their first child. Read more on Amy Adams’ baby news below.

Darren Legallo and Amy Adams   became engaged in July 2008 and have been together for several years, after meeting in an acting class in 2001.

“I probably won’t have a big family,” Adams has said. “I can barely manage my own life! But I do want to have a family.”

Adams, 35, is known for her role in “Julie and Julia”.

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  1. Explain why it’s “sad to see her life go like this.” She is an adult, she is in a steady relationship, with a very steady income. If she wants a baby, who are you to judge and say this is her throwing her life away? And you, captain America, I highly doubt she’ll have an abortion… -.-


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