Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart and his wife outside of a Beverly Hills doctor’s office after canceling a date on his current tour due to illness
Los Angeles, California – 21.08.09
Mandatory Credit: Owen Beiny / WENN.com

ROD STEWART has become the latest rocker to scrap U.S. shows – a throat
infection has rendered him voiceless.
The rocker was back in his adopted Los Angeles with his wife Penny
Lancaster on Friday (21Aug09) seeking medical attention after scrapping
a date on his One Rockin ’ Night tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Thursday
night (20Aug09).
Stewart’s 22 August (09) show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a
concert scheduled for Sunday (23Aug09) at the Verizon Wireless
Amphitheater in Virginia Beach have previously been scrapped, due to
scheduling conflicts.
A spokesperson for the star tells WENN, “Rod Stewart has a throat
infection and went to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics and four
days of complete vocal rest. Ignoring the doctor’s advice, he attempted
to go through his normal warm-ups on Thursday but it was impossible.
Particularly frustrating is that he had to cancel the last show of a
16-date run.”
The Sailing singer underwent surgery in 2000, to remove a growth on
his thyroid and admitted he feared the operation had stolen his famous rasp.
He said, “I woke in hospital and the doctor said, ‘Don’t worry, your
voice will be back in six months’. Six months came up and no voice.
Seven months, no voice. Eight months, no voice. I could talk but not
sing. It only came back to its former glory… nine months after the
Stewart was forced to cancel a show in Victoria, British Columbia on
12 August (09) due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts.
He joins a growing list of big-name rockers who have been forced to
scrap concerts this summer (09) because of illness and accidents – Tommy
Lee had to sit out of Motley Crue shows after burning his left hand and
Aerosmith have been forced to cancel summer (09) dates with ZZ Top after
singer Steven Tyler smashed his collarbone in a stage fall.


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