Farrah Fawcett Leaves Secret Lover Greg Lott In Her Will & Excludes Ryan O’Neal



Farrah Fawcett’s family is shocked to learn she included her secret lover, Greg Lott, in her will. Read more on this story below.

Actress Farrah Fawcett passed away in June of cancer and reportedly left most of her multi-million dollar fortune to her son Redmond O’Neal but notably left out her long-time love Ryan O’Neal from her will.

But the Sunday Express, a British newspaper, has reported that Farrah left $96,000 to her former boyfriend, Texas football player Greg Lott, who claims he was her secret lover for many years.

Greg Lott has published love letters to support his claim, but Ryan O’Neal dismissed him as a “disgruntled ex-boyfriend from the sixties.”

Lott says he was included in Fawcett’s will and insists her decision to leave him a part of her estate proves she loved him until the end.   Lott also said that Ryan O’Neal kept him from seeing Farrah Fawcett when she was dying.

He says, “I am a beneficiary of her estate. I have been asked to maintain the confidentiality of the estate, which I must respect.
“This news that I am indeed in her will and Ryan is not raises some serious questions about why he prevented me from seeing the love of my life in her final months. Farrah meant the world to me and I know that I equally had a profound impact on her. I cannot understand how those around her chose to keep me from her.”

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