Comic Rob Schneider Radio Interview Goes Quite Badly (VIDEO)


Rob Schneider

Comedian Rob Schneider went on West Palm Beach’s Wild 95.5 morning show and the interview was a disaster. Read more about Rob’s interview and see video below.

The Rob Schneider interview went terribly wrong as comic Rob Schneider clashed with the radio show hosts and had a heated exchange of words caught on video.

The radio interview was so awful that   Howard Stern even featured it on his show today. Stern said one of the show’s hosts named Jason Pennington was “a d*ckhead”.   Stern also said the 99.5 hosts were amateurs.

The Wild 95.5 radio hosts, Kevin, Virgina, and Jason sat down with comedian Rob Schneider to do an interview on Friday the 13th.

From the beginning Schneider seemed to be agitated because his interview started 15 minutes late. The interview began with Schneider joking around with the hosts but it got ugly as the interview progressed.

In one point Rob Schneider talked down   to Virgina and said, “I make a lot more money than you. I can buy and sell you, and people like you.”

But host Jason got the last word in as Schneider walked out by saying, “Elvis has left the building.” Rob Schneider said “No, Rob Schneider has left the building”. Jason then replied “Sorry Tiny Elvis has left the building!”

Check out the video below and see the full video interview here.

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  1. Howard Stern is one of the least classy people on radio. I wouldn't listen to anything he says. Telling someone you can buy and sell them is just plain arrogant. If someone ever talked to me like that I wouldn't show them any respect.

  2. rob was the only funny one in the room. What a bunch of morons. how could they misread the situation so badly? Rob deserves a medal for putting up with them as long as he did. they need to seek other careers


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