Michelle Obama Furious Over Obama’s “Lady Fans”


Barack Obama and Michelle Obama marital problems

Michelle Obama, the First Lady, is said to be furious over all the Obama-crazed women that are throwing themselves at the President. Read more on this story below.

Nobel Prize winner or not, it seems Obama is in the doghouse with all the attention he is receiving from the ladies. Some are saying their marriage could be in trouble!

The Enquirer has talked to sources that reveal details on the Obama’s marriage. There is more to be read in Christopher Andersen writes in his just-published book, Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage.

“Andersen’s book has opened a hornet’s nest about the actual state of the marriage and how close to destruction it was – and still could be if the first lady continues to remain infuriated by women hitting on her husband,” a Washington, D.C., the source said.

Barack Obama, 48, attracts lots of female fans, who come on to him in crowds. Many try and give him their telephone number.

“On more than one occasion, Barack tried not to look startled when some woman in the crowd would give his derriere a firm squeeze.”

After one campaign in Illinois, Obama returned to his car, swearing: “I wish they’d stop grabbing my ass.”

Of course pissed off, Michelle says: “I want to tell these women, ‘Back off. Get a life.’ It’s just embarrassing, that’s all.”

Michelle knows Obama already has a big ego so probably enjoys all the female attention. “‘He’s loving it,’ Michelle muttered at one point. ‘He’s a man, isn’t he?'”

Michelle, 45, sees women hitting on her husband at White House functions and formal events, sometimes right in front of her.   –

“It drives her absolutely batty. Barack laughs it off. Michelle has wigged out over it repeatedly – and it’s led to verbal fights.”

Michelle has confided to her mother: “Barack just doesn’t seem to care what I think. He can be so selfish – and I just can’t get through to him that we’re supposed to be in this together.”

The author adds: “She went so far as to question whether, after eight years of marriage, their days as a couple were numbered. For his part, Barack was also fed up with reprimands that he felt were ‘unfair.'”

A D.C. source has said, “Barack often slept downstairs on a couch when Michelle got mad enough to ban him from the bedroom.

“And when things got real ugly, he crashed for days at buddies’ places. It happened a lot, and EVERYONE knew why.”

Do any of you women out there blame Michelle?   Wouldn’t you be pissed too?

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  1. My Lovely first lady, you are the mirrow in which your husband sees through, the spark of his life, in you he fines strenght to rule United States of America. Wisdom they say comes from God, be wise and prayerful for prayer is the key to a happy marriage. You are his back bone, without you he cannot function, for God knew this before He gave you to him as wife,a mother and a sister to love and to care for him. May your days be long on earth my Queen and let no loose woman come between you and your husband, be the Michelle Obama i have always admire and stand by your husband in all ramifications, dispise him not for what his going through is as a result of the task God placed on his shoulder. Your prayers will cover and protect him from the hands of wicked, over ambitious and occult women, he needs your prayers now. Stand by him and make the difference. I love you specially.

    Atai – London


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