Chris Evert & Greg Norman Separate After Only 15 Months Of Marriage!!



After only being married 15 months, Chris Evert and Greg Norman have separated. Read more on Chris and Greg’s split below.

Chris Evert and Greg Norman’s reps have confirmed the couple’s separation.

“Chris and Greg will remain friends and supportive of one another’s family,” Evert’s rep, Tammy Starr, told People on Friday.

Chris Evert, the tennis champion, and Greg Norman, a golf legend, were married at sunset in the Bahamas June 28, 2008. The could became engaged the previous year in South Africa.

“The marriage is better than I expected,” Norman said at the time. “We have a mutual respect for each other, and I love taking her a cup of coffee each morning … We are compatible and like many of the same things. It is easy to be happy.”

The couple had a large family between them with Norman’s two children and Evert’s three sons from ex-hubby Andy Mill.

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