Man Buried In Beloved Car: Lonnie Holloway Buried In Car With His Guns


Man Buried in Car pictures

Lonny Holloway of Saluda was buried on Tuesday in his car with his guns in the trunk. Read more details on this story below.

Lonnie Holloway passed away on Thursday, September 3 at the age of 90. Holloway’s friends said he always said he wanted to be buried in his 1973 Catalina, and that’s just what he did.

The man was buried in his car following his funeral service at Rock Hill Baptist Church in Saluda. There were hundreds of people in attendance.

“This is what Mr. Holloway wanted,” said the pastor conducting the graveside service.

“Amen,” responded the attendees.

Mr. Holloway’s friends placed   his guns in the trunk of his car. They said that Lonnie was worried the guns could get into the wrong hands and wanted to take them with him.

“He said ‘they’re going to have me with my hat on, driving down the road’ and I said I’m going to be there. That’s what he wanted. I know that sounds crazy,” said Malcom Jones, a friend of Holloway.

Holloway’s cousin, Leila Dunn, says the odd burial didn’t surprise her because Holloway was a ‘stylin and profilin’ kind of guy.

“This was a day everyone should remember,” said Dunn. “It went down in history.”

Holloway’s friends and family said he was very generous and left the church some land when he died.

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