30 Point Buck (Photos) Killed With Bow In Wisconsin By Wayne Schumacher


Wayne Schumacher and his 30 point buck killed from tree with bow

Wayne Schumacher’s 30 point buck is the talk of Wisconsin. Schumacher killed the 30 point buck with his bow from a tree. Read more on this story and see more photos below!

The people of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin are amazed with Wayne Schumacher’s 30-pointer.

“For anybody to shoot a fair chase animal like that is incredible, it just doesn’t happen,” Duffy Munson with Dutch’s Trading Post said.

Schumacher killed the buck on Sunday and has become famous in his town.

“There had to be 250 people that came through looking at it yesterday,” Schumacher said. “One would call the other one, after they saw it they would call the next person and people would keep rolling in, it was awesome.”

Wayne calls the deer “Lucky Buck” and remembers the moment he spotted the deer. Schumacher was hunting near Rosendale when he saw the 30 point buck and grabbed for his bow.

“I pulled it back and told myself you do not want to flinch on this deer,” he said.

The 30-point buck has an inside antler spread of 20.5 inches. The buck bolted for 70 yards, but Schumacher says his arrow hit a good spot.

“I saw him stop, his head went down and he dropped to his knees, tipped over,” he said. “It was just unbelievable.”

Local hunters are excited and gathered around the 30 pointer to take photos.

“You don’t see a deer like that everyday. It’s amazing, it’s simply amazing,” Bill Tabbert of Fond du Lac said.

Wayne Schumacher’s kill could actually be a record in Wisconsin.

“Lucky Buck” is approaching 250 inches. Official numbers will come in 60 days. But Schumacher isn’t concerned with record-setting.

“I don’t care,” he said. “I was just able to get a nice deer for all the years I’ve been hunting, I put a lot of time in and I’m glad I finally got myself a really nice deer.”

Schumacher says he plans to preserve the memory with a shoulder mount. He says he would like to put it in the living room, but that will depend on the rest of the family.

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Images: FDL Reporter

Story dedicated to a fellow hunter & the love of my life.. TRG

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