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Shania Twain has revealed she is in a relationship with her former secretary’s husband, Frederick Thiebaud. Twain’s ex-husband Mutt Lange had an affair with their former secretary and Mary-Anne Thiebaud, and now her former husband and Shania have started their own relationship. Read more on this story below.

Shania Twain took to her Web site Friday evening to let her fans know that she is doing well.

Shania posted on her website on Aug. 28, her birthday, and even included a video of her recent travels. The video montage shows the country singer skydiving and even riding camels in Egypt.

“I feel very alive and well, ready to take on the gift of another year,” writes Twain, whose marriage to Mutt Lange came apart in May 2008 Mutt’s affair with Shania’s best friend, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, their longtime secretary and manager of the couple’s chateau in Switzerland.

Shania refers on her website to her good friend, who happens to be Mary Anne Thiébaud’s ex-husband, Frédéric Thiébaud.

There have been rumors that Shania and Frederic were seeing each other after they were spotted vacationing together in Canada. They were also spotted on a shopping trip to Manhattan and a trip to Florida.

Referring to him as “a dear friend and true gentleman,” Twain writes, “[He] has been the most constant companion and support for both Eja and I. And having gone through the suffering of his family splitting apart at the same time and under the same extreme circumstances, he understands me better than anyone.”

Shania adds: “We leaned on one another through the ups and downs, taking turns holding each other up. We’ve become stronger and closer through it all, as have our children, Eja and Johanna, Fred’s 8-year-old daughter.”

The couple vacationed with their kids together and “Fred” took photos and video on their cell phone.

“Fred filmed and snapped away during the travel adventures of the last six months, capturing the dreams becoming reality,” writes Twain. “The home footage is full of happy faces, beautiful, interesting places and lots of horses.”

“Be ready to see a lot of me without makeup, no touch ups and bad hair and looking pretty goofy,” she says. “There is no glamour, but plenty of genuine smiles.”

Shania and Frederic were seen wearing rings but Shania says they are not engaged or married.

“Fred and I have certainly had a lot of laughs through the months,” she says. “And while sharing these images with a very good friend of mine after each trip, she now affectionately refers to us as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.”

“Yeah, when I reflect on it all,” writes Twain, who says her experiences are inspiring her songwriting, “it’s clear how remarkably active my life has been since last December, a time in the life of someone working hard to ‘move on’ and succeeding.”

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  1. Lets see….her brothers we hear are losers who have in trouble with the law. She, on the other hand, singlehandedly raised her brothers and sisters after her parents died on her humble means when she was so young herself. So who would I believe and who would anybody else believe? Yet another attempt perhaps by people to profit off of Shania and shameful that its her own brothers. She seems to be genuine and sweet. Who cares if she struggled to achieve stardom? Who doesn't in the music industry. But she seems genuinely good. God bless Shania.

  2. I can't never understand the cheating of her ex-husband, i already forgot his name. This is such a dumbass. On the wedding photo he looked not in the eyes of shania, she does. He never adore shania, how her fans do. Fortunately is shania now laughing again and it is important that she found somebody, who loves her, so how she deserve it. But i think it isn't Frederic Thiebaud. Maybe he is her new Manager. And a good friend. Absolutely fundamental is only Eja, then childs are bereaved in the divorces.

  3. Hrrrmmpppffff, This little song bird is gonna get whats coming to her. Word on the street is her brothers and other undislosed family members are collaberating on a tell all Book. The working title is aptly named "Come on In" A Highly unauthorized and albeit unflattering truthful account of this canadian songstress brutal claw her way to the top at any cost style, and will reveal the side of shania that she so cleverly hides, and will expose the singers real motivations and personality in a light that will surely create much controversy.

    stay tuned loyal fans.

  4. Just goes to prove one more time that….. no matter how beautiful, rich, hott or famous a woman is, there is always a guy who is tired of her shit. I just wonder is Shania is a spitter or swallwer? Sure would be fun to find out..HA!


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