Woman Gives Birth To Baby In Portable Toilet & Abandons The Newborn


Woman leaves baby in portable toilet

A newborn baby girl is in the hospital and her mother, Candy Vigneri, 44, is being held on $50,000 bond. Vigneri delivered her baby in a port-o-potty and left the newborn in the waste tank while she smoked a cigarette. Read more on this awful story below.

Police say the woman, 44-year-old Candy Vigneri, delivered the baby then left the toilet and just left it there.

After leaving the portable toilet, Candy Vigneri bummed a cigarette from a construction worker and sat at a picnic table.

As she sat, a man approached the toilet but Vigneri warned him, “Don’t go in there, I just had a baby there,” police said.

The man immediately called 911. Vigneri returned to the toilet and got the newborn out of the nasty liquid at the base of the tank.

The baby was unresponsive and covered with a blue antibacterial chemical agent when emergency responders reached the scene, police said.

Vigneri told police that she didn’t know she was pregnant.

She was arrested Wednesday on charges of child abuse and reckless endangerment and is being held on a $50,000 bond.

Police have charged her with 1st and 2nd degree child abuse and reckless endangerment.

The baby girl was over six pounds at birth. Thankfully the newborn is said to be in stable condition.

Isn’t that just sickening? Especially when you think of how many people would love to have a baby and can’t…

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  1. Now, if this happened to a ‘celebrity’, there would be hundreds of comments. However, we don’t ‘know’ this woman, so we have nothing to say at her appalling behaviour. Sad. I pray that the baby is honestly OK. It is sad at how very hard our hearts have become, and that many of us obviously cannot dredge up an iota’s worth of interest on an actually newsworthy item. Sad, sad, sad. I fear for our society, I honestly do.


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