Stevie Wonder’s Daughter Takiyah Wonder Attempts Suicide


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Stevie Wonder’s daughter, Takiyah, 27, has had emotional issues dealing with the anniversary of her mother’s death (Syreeta Wright), and reportedly attempted suicide. Read more on Takiyah Wonder below.

MediaTakeOut first broke the news of Takiyah Wonder acting rather oddly. Takiyah has had relationship problems with her off and on boyfriend, Robert of the Group “Day 26”. And in addition she is having trouble with the 5 year anniversary of her mother, Syreeta Wright’s death.

Things seemed very serious when Takiyah Wonder wrote disturbing thoughts on her Twitter page which read:

To everyone that screwed me in life, you’ve finally won.
I can’t take it anymore ““ I’m done.
You won’t have to hear from me again

Sorry to the friends and family that did love me.
I just took something that will have me gone for good.
Finally no more pain

But thankfully, it’s being reported that Takiyah Wonder has been hospitalized and is recovering from the incident.   We all wish her well!

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  1. Get your facts straight guys! Stevie Wonder never had children with Syreeta Wright. why she uses the last name Wonder is beyond me. Stevie’s kids used Morris, his real last name.

    • Ok no! he had seven children from different women ok. he got his swag on with the ladies ok. don't cause hes beautiful. And maybe all of his children have different last names. His last isn't even morris. Is it?

  2. I hope she gets the help she needs and makes a full recovery.
    It is sad all of these celebs and family members that seem on the outside to have everything but yet really have so little.


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