Miley Cyrus BJ Photo Scandal: But Is The Photo Real Or Fake?


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has attempted to step away from her”bad girl” image, but new photos have hit the internet allegedly showing Miley engaged in sexual activity. But are they fake? Read more below and see the new photos of Miley below.

Miley Cyrus, 16, has been working on her latest movie, “The Last Song,” in Georgia, and now has a new photo scandal to add to her others.

Many websites report the alleged “bj” photos are   photoshopped, but of course this certainly wouldn’t be the first time little Miley was involved in a photo scandal.

We all remember in 2008 when fans were outraged when 15 year-old Miley posed topless for the Vanity Fair cover.

Then the Disney princess had her cell phone hacked and photos were leaked of Miley in panties and a bra, and sexy photos in her bikini and a wet tee.

Now this latest photo scandal of Miley Cyrus has hit today, with tons of perverts out there wanting to see young Miley, 16, performing oral sex. You know who you are sickos!

But no worries, most people think the photo of Miley blowing someone is a total fake. A website called the Paparazzis show how the bj photo of Miley could have been created. Check out the edited photos below and you can be the judge.


  1. Hey Miley you are a good actress keep it up. And by the way i like the way you did the last song that is wonderfull movie and i hope that you make more movie's like the last song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love mary And keep it up.

  2. moi je trouve ça déplacé de sa part.
    je regarde toute ses séries sur disney channel mais ce qu’elle a fait a deçut énormément de gens y compris moi.

  3. i’m really NILEY huge fan… just FYI, i used to hate miley and jealous of her. i though she couldn’t sing at all… but after i watched HM me and mr. jonas, i tried to watched HM season 1 eps 1 n i realize that i was wrong. her talented is really natural n she didn’t famous because her dad. i watched her acting in all eps HM, hear al her songs which i know she created by her own. and i went to her concert and i really know that she really talented. she really can sing. somebody tell me that our creation is show people who we are… and i know all miley’s songs is really good and full moral lesson. so i’m started adored her. i know she made mistakes… but come on guys… nobody’s perfect!! don’t judge person who u don’t know. i don’t know her, but at leat a tried to know anything about her to gind out is she a nice person or not. and i realize, if she didn’t a nice person, she wouldn’t have great friends, and being as famous as now.

  4. What The Paparazzis is trying to tell people is that they found some image that someone else created and interpreted it their own way. That image does not show how the bj pic could have been created, it matches it with a similar pic of Miley to prove it's her. But many people are being stupid and interpreting it wrong.


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