Historical Keepsake Photo Email Sent By Sherri Goforth Portrays Obama As Spook


Historical Keepsake photo "spook" email

Sherri Goforth, an administrative assistant to state Sen. Diane Black, sent out a racist email entitled “Historical Keepsake Photo” that depicted Barack Obama as a “spook”. Read more and see more photos below.

The historical keepsake racist joke email consisted of a collage of portraits of the previous 43 United States Presidents.   The racist email was posted to the internet on Monday.

Sherri Goforth admitted to sending the e-mail May 28 with the title “Historical Keepsake Photo.” She said she   mistakenly sent it “to the wrong list of people.”

A Nashville newpaper said aa note on the e-mail said it was paid for by the Tennessee Republican Party, but GOP officials denied that they produced it.

“I want people to know that the communication was sent without my knowledge, and that … this does not reflect my beliefs or my values or my opinions, and I won’t tolerate those kind of communications coming from my office,” Diane Black told CNN affiliate WKRN-TV in Nashville.

Sen. Black rebuked Sherri Goforth but didn’t dismiss her as of yet.

Goforth told Christian Grantham of the Web site Nashville Is Talking that she had received a letter of reprimand from her superiors but will remain on the job.

Grantham said Goforth told him she felt “very bad about accidentally sending it to the wrong list” of people.

“I went on the wrong e-mail and I inadvertently hit the wrong button,” Grantham quoted Goforth as saying. “I’m very sick about it, and it’s one of those things I can’t change or take back.”

State Rep. Johnny Shaw, D-Bolivar, a member of the black and Democratic caucuses, told WKRN-TV that Goforth should be fired.

“I don’t think a reprimand is enough. I think this lady needs to go. I don’t think she should be a part of the people who represent the state of Tennessee,” Shaw said.

Shaw stated to CNN that Goforth and Black, as well as Republican Lt. Gov. and Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey, should make public apologies for the incident.

“I am appalled. It’s despicable. It’s disgusting. It should not have happened but it does happen,” Shaw said. “It is the president of our country that we’re talking about.”

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  1. This photo is shameful, but really, is anyone here surprised? Obama gets elected, and suddenly the world is a bright place where everyone likes each other and no one hates anyone or mistreats anyone? No. SOME things may have changed, but the world is still an ugly place. Some people want to change that. But I don't think the lady who sent this email is one of them.

    So she sent to the wrong email list. What was the *right* email list? To whom is it at all appropriate to send racist jokes and pictures to? So she hit the work list instead of her buddy list?

    Don't fire the poor woman if she has kids. Two wrongs won't make this right. I just wish racism had left when we tried to kick it out, instead of moving all its trash up to the attic.

    Oh by the way, I am a Black woman from Harlem. maybe.

  2. Ok, this is going to make people mad but. It is funny! I am sorry I saw it and it made me laugh. Is this a person who is a Klu Klux Klan member in the closet. Did she vote for him, maybe it was a harmless joke , she thought it was funny and she stupidly forwarded it. I get many, many, sexist jokes sent to me all the time. I have to remind myself not to forward them because I could get into trouble. I am not making excuses for her , I am simply cautioning that we may start to blow everything up and punish people when they have lapses of judgement that do not harm people. It was a dumb joke (though I did laugh myself). Give the girl a break, and let' just all get along. Oh, by the way I am a Black woman from Harlem.

  3. This is so very interesting to read the opinions here. Those of you who feel that this is no big deal, feel that a comedian telling a joke is no different than a "civil servant" sending an unauthorized e-mail through taxpayer funded computers to a bunch of politically connected unethical readers. The entire incident is a violation of government employee work guidelines. Ms. Goforth should be dealt with according to company policy, whether the joke was about the president or her boss.

  4. Sherri Goforth's "joke" was just as bad as David Letterman's. So why is HE getting off the hook?

    What Letterman said was a sexist, filthy, lewd, perverted slander of a MINOR. If GOFORTH gets fired, LETTERMAN should be, too!


  5. Can we get a list of people that Goforth intended to send this e-mail to?

    As this Newsy report mentions, anything sent from a political staff person these days is fair game on the blogosphere. Screw up and you must pay the price with public opinion and even you job.


  6. You people need to stop being such hypocrites.

    As a previous poster said, if the show was on the other foot, all the Democrats/Progressives/Communists would be laughing at their joke.

    Makes me sick that these people call this 'hate' and get special laws to protect them.

    Americans – wake up! Your country is being taken over by third world peoples! Stop the madness!!!

  7. what? nobody can take a joke? c'mon people have you all forgotten the hillbilly jokes from the days of former Pres. Clinton? we can't make fun of him because he's black? Now THAT'S racist.

  8. The point remains that any hate mail coming from a governmental office should bare full reprimand and immediant dismissal. Zero tolerence for hate mail should be the norm. As for patriot, is this how deteriorated our idea of patritism has become?

  9. to all the 2faced hipocrites that call themselves nonracist are you also siding with the sexist/racist supream court nominee???

    if you doside with her then SHUT UP. until you open your eyes to what is really going on around yourself(that would be in your tiny brain)then you have no right to judge the actions of others. as for Sherri Goforth, grow up people this would not even be here if it were done by any nonwhite. whats good for one has to be good for the other.

    racist are needed to show the world that you can servive without any brains, and as a disply of a waste of DNA

  10. Wrong list of people?!?

    Who was the RIGHT list of people? So, she was going to forward this RACIST piece of HATE MAIL to others, but accidentally sent it to WRONG list of people.

    Actually, Sherri – I think there was divine intervention here. Wonder how many other RACIST emails these GOP people send back and forth?


  11. I think most black comedians wouldn't thing twice about making fun of a white president. What difference does it make who's said it? By week's end this picture will have made every office email box in the country. For a fact I've heard more displays of "humor" from Jay Leno or David Letterman. Me? I think it's funny. Everyone in this United States of the Offended needs to lighten up.

  12. I think this "Robert" dude is the RACIST Sherri Goforth herself.

    Why? Because she (he?) has done cut and pastes of his/her same lengthy, whiney, pathetic rant all over the internet.

    Shame on Senator Diane Black (whose approval ratings are already in the tank in her districts) for not doing the appropriate thing!

    Both Diane Black and her racist sidekick need to be thrown out of their cushy offices!

    By the way – don't bother trying to call the Senator. She and her racist employee are refusing to answer their calls.

  13. Get over it people – it was a freaking joke. It's ok for whites to be called crackers, honkies, etc, but let one little joke go out about a non-white and the whole freaking world goes crazy.

    Get a sense of humor people – along with prayer, it's the only thing that's going to get people through these hard times.

  14. Robert,please…and Hitler loved his dogs.No,I'm not comparing Ms.Goforth to Hitler,but trying to portray this as just a little mistake doesn't cut it.Having been born and raised in Nashville,& having seen the actions of the newly in control of the Senate GOP, having actually LISTENED to the comments of to many of their supporters,this comes as no supprise.She and Sen.Black can try to play it off all they want,but in the end what it has done is pull back a curtain,not even a door,as to what is lurking in too many hearts.50 years in state government? Really?And still this is the kind of thing to be played off as a little error? The error is for her to continue her employment.And for Sen. Black to keep trying to provide cover, and excuses.

  15. Same mentality get over it black people have been hearing that everytime something racist happens for four hundred plus years. Its o k we will get over it and keep chugging along.

  16. It's funny get over it! way to many people with a stick up there ass…. bush could have been a cracker and everyone would have just laughed, to many double standards…don't worry about the little stuff.

  17. Sorry, Robert. That doesn't cut it.

    "Forgiveness" might trump castigation but only if there is actual remorse. There isn't here – not has there been.

    Ms. Goforth's "explanation" was that she sent the email to the wrong list. That means she thinks it is just fine to send racist images via email as long as "the right people" are getting them.

    Nowhere in your defense or Ms. Goforth's explanation of her actions can we find any indication that either of you understand why what she did is wrong. None.

    In short, her defense amounts to, "Mocking black folks is fine as long as they don't know I'm doing it."

    Her picking the "wrong list" only marks her as incompetent, not stupid. It's her defense of her actions that, quite frankly, completely establishes that she's an idiot – and a racist.

  18. In Defense of Ms Goforth:

    The eMail Ms. Goforth dispatched is indefensible as is her poor excuse of sending it to the wrong list of people. Ms. Goforth used very poor judgment in sending the eMail to anyone or in thinking it was funny or entertaining.

    In a sound bite it is easy to paint Ms. Goforth as a racist and a hater of the disadvantaged. Sherri is anything but a racist or a hater. If Sherri were known as the person she is, it would not be hard to understand why she was not fired.

    I have known Sherri since 1968, the year she began her career in state government in Tennessee. I was so impressed by her, I employed her as my personal legal assistant for 13 years while she was not working in State government. I found Sherri to be a loving, loyal, compassionate, and intelligent person. I never saw her demonstrate anything but respect for everyone, regardless of their race. I know she goes out of her way to befriend people; I know she sees people as human beings. I know she has a heart for everyone. Sherri is not a racist; she is not a hater. She is not stupid.

    Sherri has been married to the same man for over 40 years. Their family is an example for us all to admire and imitate. She and Steve have two adopted children, biological siblings, who were removed from their unfit biological parents by the State; the children were 9 and 10 at the time of adoption. The Goforths also have a special needs biological child with Downes Syndrome, now in her 30's. A few years ago Steve quit his job to open a small take-out restaurant for Katie so she could become independent. Katie is the chef. The restaurant has been a big success. As a result Katie has made a name for herself; Sherri and Steve have given Katie a skill that will ensure her independence when they are gone. Katie is quite a remarkable person.

    Sherri's entire life has been one of hard work, endurance, sacrifice, and love. I never heard either Steve or Sherri complain about their circumstances. They focused on the challenge and the blessing. Sherri and Steve are supporters of the Special Olympics; they also work with parents of Downs children to see the blessing they have been given.

    This unfortunate incident does not define Sherri Goforth. Sherri deserves another chance. Sherri truly has a heart for the whole world, without exception. We can all learn from this incident. We've all had lapses in good judgment. In the end, forgiveness always trumps castigation. We are all in this together.

  19. It is beyond belief that the Diane Black has not asked for the resignation of her racist assistant, Sherri Goforth!

    The community of Mufreesboro, Tennessee is embarrassed and disgraced by Mufreesboro resident Sherri Goforth!!!!!


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