Elizabeth Adeney Pregnant At 66 (Photos)


Elizabeth Adeney

Elizabeth Adeney is about to become the oldest mom in Britian, due to give birth weeks before she turns 67. Read more on the 66 year-old pregnant woman.

Elizabeth Adeney is 66 years old and pregnant. Adeney will be giving birth to a son just weeks before her 67th birthday in July.

The baby was conceived by IVF treatment using a donor egg at a clinic in Ukraine. Adeney went to the Ukraine because British clinics refuse to treat women over 50.

Elizabeth is the managing director for a plastics and textiles company. Adeny was married for a short time before diorcing in 1990.

Now eight moths pregnant,   Adeney reportedly told friends she wanted a child so she has someone to “leave my money to”.

Adeney told the Daily Mail she was not worried about the lack of support she would have to raise the child.

“I’m perfectly capable of looking after myself,” she said. “I’ve done it for years.”

“It will be just me and my baby. I know some people won’t understand but I don’t care.”

Many people have voiced their opinions saying Adeney is plain selfish to have a child at age 66. But what do you guys think?

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  1. Go Mom, Go! Anyone who's ever had kids KNOWS that raising children is NOT a selfish endeavor. Quite the contrary, those adults who choose to live a comfortable, childless life are the selfish ones. Good for her — at an age where anyone can be forgiven for wanting to retire, take it easy, she's opted to take on a challenge that peers half her age are too (you fill in the blank) to consider.

  2. And in reply to the 2nd comment – usually when men of 67 have a child,they have young wives who have the babies for them,who will most likely live many more years in order to take care of that baby.This woman is all alone.Unless she's going to hire a nanny,which isn't the same anyway.

  3. I just hope this woman is very fit and healthy,and will last at least 20 more years,so her baby can grow up and not have to be an orphan.Sure,she'll have someone to leave her money to now,but more importantly,who is she going to leave her child to?Because seriously,I think 66 is way too old to have a child on your own.

  4. I say fantastic! I understand completely. I underwent IVF here in Australia when I was 41 years and gave birth at 41. My gorgeous daughter is now turning 8 and we are thriving! I am turning 50 later this year. She is my only living biological relative (we did use my eggs). This lady looks to be in very good shape and my only concern is that she surrounds herself with a lot of people who care about her and the child so that when the the inevitable time comes where she will need assistance and the child needs love — people will be there for her. I'd rather see her bring a child into this world and love abounds and then leave the child with oodles of cash than for this lady pass her money on to some friggin' useless society that's done nothing to assist her. I only hope that as I write this, that the lady here is not a nut job and that the child and her have a great life!

  5. I'll answer this question when you run a story about the oldest MAN to become a father. It will be older than 67, I'll bet you. Will everyone call him "just plain selfish" or will it even be a story?


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