Dallas Couple Discovers “Cheesus” Cheeto Jesus (Photos)


Jesus cheeto

A couple from Preston Hollow in Texas, Dan and Sara Bell, discovered a cheeto that looks a lot like Jesus. They decided to call it “Cheesus”. See more photos and read more on this crazy story below.

The Dallas couple was coming back home from Houston and snacking on a bag of Cheetos. Then Sara Bell   said, “Jesus appeared,” she told the Preston Hollow People newspaper last week.

Sara discovered a Cheeto in the shape of what appears to be a two-inch tall figurine with extended arms.

Bell had bought a bag of Cheetos in Jersey Village, about 20 miles northwest of Houston, and was eating the cheetos when she found the odd-shaped cheeto.

“I had eaten most of the ones in my hand and one was left lying there, and I said ‘Oh my gosh! Look at this! It really looks like a person in a robe praying,'” she told KTVT-TV. Her husband Dan looked over and said “‘Wow! It does look like a praying Jesus.'”

The couple nicknamed the chip shaped like Jesus, “Cheesus.”

The couple hasn’t said if they will put the Cheeto Jesus up for sale on Ebay. But for now, the “Cheesus” is wrapped in tissue inside a box.

Do you guys think the cheeto resembles Jesus?

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