Ukranian Dog Girl Oxana Malaya (Photos/Video)


Oxana Malaya, also called the Ukranian dog girl, was recently featured again on UK television. Oxana Malaya was abandoned by her   parents and raised by a pack of dogs until she was around eight years old. View the video of the Ukranian dog girl below.

Supposedly Oxana went missing at age 3, and her alcoholic parents didn’t really seem to mind. Malaya had actually moved into a vacant building behind her house with a pack of neighborhood dogs.

When she was discovered at age 8, Malaya was being raised by the dogs and had acquired many of their traits. Not only was Oxana eating and drinking with the dogs, but she had also picked up many of their traits like barking, smelling and an acute sense of sound.

There are over 100 cases of feral children living in the world.

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Check out this video on Oxana Malaya below:

Ukranian Girl Raised By Dogs – video powered by Metacafe



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