Radio Personality George Weber Found Stabbed To Death In Brooklyn Apartment (Photos)


Former WABC Radio personality George Weber was found dead in his apartment early Sunday. Weber was reportedly stabbed to death. Read more below.

George Weber, who would have turned 58 years-old Monday, was discovered dead in his bed shortly before 10 a.m. Sunday with multiple stab wounds to his neck. Weber’s work had been concerned after he didn’t show up for work and called police.

Police seem to think George Weber was probably murdered on Friday. There were no signs of forced entry into Weber’s apartment, but the Post reported that the radio man’s residence was ransacked and a water faucet was still running when police entered the premises.

George Weber worked as the radio news anchor at WABC in New York and then for ABC News. His website says he started his broadcasting career in high school, and radio work would eventually take Weber to Colorado and California before he headed back east to a gig in NYC.

As noted by the Post, Weber kept a blog and his latest entry was on March 20th, talking about his problems with a bedbug infestation. There was also a post on his views of the AIG bailout scandal and one on email scams.

Police were originally called to check on Weber around 1 a.m. Sunday, but were not able to gain entrance to the building. They finally entered his apartment around 10 this morning.

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