Padma Lakshmi’s Sexy Hardee’s Burger Commercial (VIDEO)


“Top Chef” host and model, Padma Lakshmi gets down and dirty in her new ad for Hardee’s.   Watch Padma Lakshmi have sexytime with her burger in the Hardee’s commercial video below!

Padma Lakshmi is shown in slowmotion as she sits on a stoop, pulls her skirt to expose her legs, and take huge sensual bites of her Western Bacon Thickburger, and the sauce drips down her hand.

See the Hardee’s sexy commercial with Padma Lakshmi below!   Let us know your thoughts on the ad!


  1. Silly people, that isnt a hardee's ad, it Carl's Jr. Love how folks start calling a company trash when they cant even get it right… good job

    • Actually it was an ad for Hardees. But it probably aired for Carls Jr as well considering they are basically the same restaurant with different names.

      I love how you call people out when you yourself don't even know the facts…

  2. What does this have to do with a hambuger? I walk into see my chid watching this $#it on tv while im doing the dishes! This is absolutly one of the most ronchiest,slutyslut, commpulsive,disscusting,comercials ive ever seen! hardees would rather sell sex than food. here i have a new name for hardees. HARDEES HOME OF THE HOS! SO STICK THAT UP YOUR FASTFOOD @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If this isn't the most Whorish looking crap fo a Fast Food commercial then nothing is!

    What about the children who view these commercials? Hardees doesn't give a D**n!


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