Jesse Logan Committed Suicide Over “Sexting” (Photos)


Jesse Logan of Ohio sent nude photos of herself to her boyfriend by phone and when they broke up, he sent the photos to other high school girls that harassed Jesse Logan. Logan ended up committing suicide over the “sexting”. Read more on Jesse Logan’s tragic story below.

Jesse Logan even went on local television to discuss her story after the incident. Her purpose was simple: “I just want to make sure no one else will have to go through this again.”

That interview was in May 2008. And just two months later, Jessica Logan hanged herself in her bedroom. She was 18.

“She was vivacious. She was fun. She was artistic. She was compassionate. She was a good kid,” the young woman’s mother, Cynthia Logan, told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Friday in New York.

Jesse Logan’s mother discussed how difficult it was in dealing with what had happened to her daughter.

“It’s very, very difficult. She’s my only child,” Logan told Lauer. “I’m trying my best to get the message out there.”

“Sexting” is a growing problem that has resulted in child pornography charges being filed against some teens across the nation.

Jesse Logan’s mother said she didn’t realize how bad things were for her daughter until it was too late. She began receiving letters saying that her daughter was not attending school.

“I only had snapshots, bits and pieces, until the very last semester of school,” Logan told Lauer.

She took away Jesse’s car away and drove her to school herself, but Jesse still skipped classes. She told her mother there were pictures involved and that a group of younger girls who had received them were harassing her, calling her vicious names, even throwing objects at her. But she didn’t realize the full extent of her daughter’s despair.

“She was being attacked and tortured,” Logan said.

“When she would come to school, she would always hear, “˜Oh, that’s the girl who sent the picture. She’s just a whore,’ “ Jesse’s friend, Lauren Taylor, told NBC News.

Logan said that officials at Sycamore High School knew of the harassment but did not take sufficient action to stop it. She said that a school official offered only to go to one of the girls who had the pictures and tell her to delete them from her phone and never speak to Jesse again. That girl was 16.

Jesse’s mother suggested talking to the parents of the girls who were bullying Jesse, but her daughter said that would only open her to even more ridicule.

“She said, “˜No, I need to do something else. I’m going to go on the news,’ and that’s what she did,” Logan said.

When Cynthia Logan decided to go public with her story, she told Lauer that a school official told a local television station that he had given Jesse the option of prosecuting her tormentors. “That was not so. It’s absolutely not true,” she told Lauer. “And if he did, why didn’t I get a notice in the mail that he gave her that option?”

After her daughter’s death, Logan quit her job and was hospitalized for a time with what she described as a mental breakdown. When she spoke about finding her daughter in her bedroom last July, tears coursed down her cheeks.

Jesse had been talking about going to the University of Cincinnati to study graphic design. Her mother thought she was over the worst of the bullying. Then one of Jesse’s friends committed suicide. Jesse went to the funeral. When she came home, she hanged herself.

“I just had a scan of the room, her closet doors were open,” Logan told NBC News. “And I walked over into her room and saw her hanging. The cell phone was in the middle of the floor.”

Logan said she’s been through six lawyers in what has so far been an unsuccessful battle to hold school officials responsible for the bullying of her daughter.

But no lawsuit will ever bring back Logan’s daughter, Jesse. Such a tragic story!

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  1. such a tragedy, such a beautiful girl!

    what turned out to be some "fun" between a couple ends like this…breaks my heart to be honest!!!

    are charges being brought to her ex?i'd like to think so…

    R.I.P Jesse sweetheart…


    photographer, uk.

  2. Tragic, indeed. You can’t really control people from sending nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves. On the other hand, parents are responsible and should make sure what their kids are doing with their mobile phones whether they’re sexting or not. I guess it's different in the U.S.A. American parents tend to be more lenient or favor independence over the well-being of their kids.

  3. So, when do the pictures get published in Play-Corpse magazine? Or, on TMZ!? Phucking pathetic piece of trash!!! And, by the way; when the F**K are you stupid kiddies going to realize that; A) EVERY choice you make has consequences! B) sometimes those consequences hurt, and C) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE!!!! F**KING morons are being raised by f**king moron parents! Bring back disipline and responsibility! Or, lacking that….(this is to all the "adults" who have children) PAY THE F**K ATTENTION TO WHAT/WHERE/WHEN/WHO YOUR KIDS ARE DOING!!!!! We didn't have cell phones when I was a kid, but my dad sure as f**k had a belt for us!!!

  4. As much as I feel for Jessica and her parents, they’re calling for the wrong methods to try to stop sexting. We shouldn’t have laws to stop self-sexting and schools should not be held responsible for stopping it. Both paths will lead to morasses and a huge waste of time and money.

    The first problem was with what Jessica did. The solutions to that problem begin at home. Whatever the family dynamic was, Jessica sent the pornographic pictures of herself to her boy friend. She didn’t have the sense to look ahead.

    Beyond a short talk about the dangers of exposing yourself in public, schools shouldn’t get more involved. We don’t need extensive and expensive educational programs.

    A second issue is the ex-boyfriend’s sending pornographic pictures of someone else, and the subsequent harassment by nasty, cyber bullying girls and boys who passed around Jessica’s nude pictures, trashed her on Facebook, IM’d her and ruined her reputation can be made illegal.

    I’m sorry Jessica didn’t have the inner strength and resilience to resist the bullying and harassment, and to move on beyond the loss of her reputation.

    Disclosure: In addition to having six children, I’m a practical, pragmatic coach and consultant. I’ve written books of case studies, “Parenting Bully-Proof Kids” and “How to Stop Bullies in their Tracks.” Check out my website and blog at BulliesBeGone (

  5. George…don’t tell me that in your teens you were perfect…don’t tell me that today your perfect…Please do not sit and make judgement about her and the picture…that’s the very thing that caused her to take her life…people making judgement…First of all..based on my experience with MEN…women are not the ones sitting around thinking about naked women and sending pictures…its the Men thinking about it…then it’s oh baby if you could just send me a picture of your gorgous boobs I could look at you all day long…oh baby rememeber I just love you so much and for the rest of our would make our relationship so much stronger…I want you to be my wife and the mother of our kids…of course I would never show it to anyone else…NOW..she is in love with the man..this is between the two of them…SHE TRUST THAT… Her boyfriend…the one that loved her…needs a serious lesson is privacy…and respectand what love is all about!!! Teenagers don’t see down the road, they only see today and they trust the people whom they love today and those people that violate that trust should be punished! and no, I don’t speak from experience…I speak from others that I have counseled…and they are wonderful, caring, loving people that made a mistake but their “so called friends” made it a point to try and punish them everyday for it…”you know, the friends that have done stuff themselves just hoping and praying that NO one finds out about it” ….the truth is we all make mistakes through out our lives….the whole picture is find a better school and better friends!!!

  6. All schools have a code of conduct policy…and what the consquences will be for those who break the policy…if the child is on school grounds…the school is responsible…if the kids will speak up….your lawyers can do there job….BUT your big problem is to get kids to speak up…they don’t want to get their “so called friends in trouble”…and like your daughter said…” you suffer the ridicule”…How sad it is…Kids are mean and the parents are clueless…you trust your kids when they say they can handle it…or they say everything is ok now…but the truth is they still feel the world is against them and I blame the mean kids for it…they needed their butts kicked and made to go hard labor for several months, with no tv,computer, or cell phone..Oh, but my kid would never do anything like that…right..and I’m Rachel Welch!!! Without the victims speacking out…there will be no change in peoples minds..She spoke out…I’m sure it opened the minds of a lot of people…and I know how proud you were…however…the thoughtless acts of others…closed your future with a beautiful daughter…and that’s something those people will have to live with for the REST of their lives…whether you achieve leagl results or not…theirs lives are also changed forever…I speak from experience to a degree…Your daughter would not want you to be a victim..I will pray for your strength and healing each day….

  7. Absolutely tragic. I fear for this generation of young people who seem to have no concept of the consequences of their actions, and who think everything is a big joke that shouldn’t be taken seriously (until they find themselves the victim). We’ve worked so hard for years to empower our youth, empower young women. But in today’s society, with the communication tools and poor attitudes, one can only imagine the abject feeling of powerlessness that Jesse Logan and other victims have experienced. This raises so many issues (social responsibility, peer pressure, personal responsibility, respect for oneself, parental supervision of young teens). S And the message has to be drilled into the kids that what they share is available to everyone. And of course there’s parental responsibility…..

    The proverbial “BUT” is being ridiculously overlooked, here. “She sent him the pictures BUT…” “It wasn’t a smart idea to show her boyfriend them BUT…” Are you guys a little too reluctant to pin a lot of the blame on this girl for fear you’ll be branded insensitive assholes because she’s no longer alive? I think if she were still living you’d be a lot less forgiving of her folly.

    There are no “BUT”s in some situations. I’m not saying those who passed around her photo are angels, no way. But they did not initiate this.

    Remember, it takes a spark to start a fire. She sent the pictures. PERIOD. I don’t give a damn how trusting someone is…there are certain things you just don’t do! Why was it imperative she take naked pictures of herself and TEXT THEM? I think a girl who would do something of this nature in the first place has some internal conflict that needs attention.

    Do you all realize that none…NONE…of this would have happened to her if she’d used just a bit of common sense? Come on, there’s gotta be someone here who speaks my language.

    If not, let the flaming begin; descend upon me like a pack of vultures and pick me apart.

  8. I agree with broogha. Definitely some serious sexual overtones for an 17/18 year old. Teens nowadays are trying so hard to be "mature" in actions, dress, sex etc…but in reality they're not ready for such mature things. Bullying within a school should be addressed by both administration as well as parents. Tragic story, but could have been avoided.

  9. Sad, Sad Story. Some of these pictures hint contain serious sexual overtones, ones that, if I were a parent would have raised serious questions about the activities of my daughter. American parents need to wake up…there is a fine balance between keeping track of your child so as to let them grow into the person they are and being sure that they have the guidance to so as to not to make irrational decisions that often come back to haunt you. Blaming the school is so easy, the parents should have gotten counseling for this child along with having a long talk with her–not to chastise but for better understanding.


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