Carrie Underwood’s New Short Hair (Photos/Video)


Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis performed on American Idol Wednesday night. See the video of Carrie and Randy Travis below. More importantly, what do you guys think of Carrie Underwood’s short new hair?

Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood performed a duet called “I Told You So” last night on American Idol.

But the big news today is country singer Carrie Underwood’s new hairdo!   Is Carrie’s short hair just a wig or did she chop her pretty long hair off?

Carrie Underwood, 26, won Season 4’s American Idol in 2005 and has gone on to be a very popular country singer.

Below is the video of Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis’ performance as well as Carrie Underwood’s longer hair “before” photos. What do you guys think of the short old-lady hair?

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  1. I truly agree with whatever you posted, I think good hairstyles are analyzing by the face cut, features and all that required for acquiring a good hair cut! One should be more selective while deciding a specific haircut for a specific face typo!

  2. i agree i didnt like the bow but who cares she f—en can sing!! i agree i think she was channeling barbara and dolly….its opry week she wanted to give that vibe…she's gorgeous and super talented so when your just too good for your own good she will get picked on…but hey i think its a win for carrie no one can say anything bad about her vocals there killer and she's a beautifull girl too!!… if all you have bad to say is the head piece on her head…who cares!!!!!

  3. She didn't cut it, don't worry. lol It was just a faux bob, with her hair pinned up to make it look short. I think she was going for the old fashioned look for the Opry theme week…trying to look like Barbara Mandrell or Dolly Parton,etc. I personlly hated the bow thing in her hair, but the bob itself was fine.


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