Boy Band Showdown: Hanson Brothers vs. Jonas Brothers


Which one of these famous family pop bands is the best?

Most of the Jonas Brother’s fans out there were still wearing diapers when Hanson was rocking out to die hard fans worldwide.

Hanson broke out with famous songs like “MMMBop” “Where’s the love” and “Weird” in 1997. These songs came out with their major label debut album Middle of Nowhere that earned three Grammy nominations.

The three brothers Clarke Isaac Hanson, Jordan Taylor Hanson and Zachary Walker Hanson became instant celebrities and had little girls and boys gleefully jumping into the air dancing to their music.

Fast forward to present day and Hanson has gone off the map to make babies. The Jonas Brothers however have become the next big thing in the pop industry. The Disney channel prodigies have made three albums so far and are way too popular. I personally can’t stand their music but I do believe I am outside of their target market. So what is it about these bands that have the little girls drooling over them? Is it the fact that they have virgin purity rings? (That’s a whole other story to get into). I really have no idea but apparently they have “great music”¦”

So getting to it, which one of these boy bands are/were more popular in their time? I think the ultimate showdown would be a celebrity death match between the two bands. Hanson would probably kick some serious A** now that they don’t look like girls but what do you guys think?

Here’s what some other celebrity bloggers had to say about these two boy bands ““ “The only difference between Hanson and the Jonas Brothers is chicks. The Jonas Brothers have dated Miley, Taylor Swift, and several other hot and popular teens. These relationships might have been manufactured by their handlers so they could cross over and help propel each other’s careers, but it gave the Jonas Brothers sex appeal to a younger generation of women. Hanson might have also become just as big if they had been backed by the Disney machine. Instead they were mostly one and done in the industry. Their big hit Mmmbob was huge but in a way sort of type cast them as pop-bop musicians, even when they released more serious music on later albums. Jonas or Hanson it doesn’t matter, because no modern day band of brothers will ever compare to the Jackson 5 from the early 70’s.” “I think if Hanson had Disney they would have been unstoppable, those girls were cuties. You’ll see, once they get a maxim spread they will be back.”

Err”¦ I don’t want to disappoint you but they are actually dudes. Fear not though, Quagmire from Family Guy thought the same thing. “The Jonas Brothers are this generation’s Hanson. After all, they are a band made up of 3 brothers, except instead of looking like three blonde girls a la Hanson, they are three brunette, fashion forward guys. You have the youngest brother Nick, who is the cuddly-cute one, Joe the middle brother, who is the more mature, technically “hot” one, and then, there is Kevin, the oldest and most unfortunate looking one. It’s always the oldest ones who get no love. Same story with Isaac Hanson. Old apparently equals ugly in preteen land. Not only did Disney find 3 boys for teeny boppers to fall in love with, but they found three “pure” boys, as in, they all wear promise rings to remain pure until marriage. Now what parent would turn their little girl away from these very nice, respectable, well-rounded young men who promote abstinence?? ” – lexacahn

Those Hanson “brothers” were way hotter then the Jonas Bros. But maybe I’m biased because I’m from the pre-Jonas generation. -ksouthall“I gotta go with Hanson – such brilliant lyricists.

Mmm bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du

It just doesn’t get any better than that. Simply Amazing.”

What do you guys think? Jonas Brothers or Hanson? Please leave your comments below.


  1. i was a huge fan of hanson went to their concerts had their movies and tshirts im 24 now i can still listen to them the jonas bro arent even that good they sux. hanson was more succesful where it counts who cares the jobros date the latest disney star and half of them suck too!!!

  2. I was little when Hanson was around and I'm around the Jonas Brothers age now… I have to say, Hanson was okay, but I love Nick's voice. Even when the lyrics get cheesy, Jonas Brothers is better in my opinion. I asked some of my friends if they liked Hanson. Their responses, "Who?" Sad but true, boy bands go out of style just like their clothes.

  3. I don't care for either group my choice would go to Clint and Bob Moffatt who are former members of the band The moffatts who have done projects under the names Same Same and Two Bullet Parade.

  4. So weather you like it or not here is my honest oppion. From somebody who is old enough to know who Hanson was and young enough to know about the Jonas Brothers, i like them both in different ways, but nobody can replace Hanson. They have been in my heart and on my playlist for many years. <3 Jonas Brothers have alot going on for them at the moment, but because of this i think that it makes me think less of them. O.o They had a good start but Hanson they are still going strong in my mind. Im actually going to see them Aug 20th. CANT WAIT. And no matter what people say MMMbop was one of the greatest songs ever! Who else but Hanson could come up with a song that makes absolutly no sense at all but all the sense in the world all at the same time! <3

  5. Well I am only 12, and I know that I was too young when Hanson first came out, but my mom tells me that I used to sing along to "mmmbop" everytime I heard it! So of course, it's Hanson all the way!!! I love Zac, he is the coolest and of course Taylor. Now when I first looked them up and saw Taylor I thought he was a girl, but then my mom told me no that he was a boy and I was like " oh, cool"! LOL

    But the Jonas bros are just pieces of crap and sell Disney stuff like Hannah Montana does and I swear it gets soooo old!!! And sooner or later kids like me in my age group are going to find someone else to listen to like HANSON!!! But as you can tell bands like Hanson stick and never fade out!!!!

  6. well i was too young 2 actually LIKE hanson back in 1997

    i used to like the jonas bros two years ago… not anymore. i guess some of their songs are OK, but…

    1. I dont like their voices.

    2. I dont like their look.

    3. I dont like THEM.

    I have heard of hanson before (my mom used to buy teen magazines 4 me when i was like 2 or 3), but i started listening to them last summer (2009), after i read an article on internet about the 90s and how is it similar to nowadays. i went to youtube and looked up some of their songs: the 1st one i heard was i will come 2 u and the 2nd one was wheres the love. since then, it became my favorite band. it is incredible 2 see such young people work so hard, even though the way to success was hard. my favorite 1 is Zac, of course, he is the best!!! although all of them are AMAZING. They sing, they write their songs, they play their instruments, they produce… in fact they are like the prince charmings of the music. they're just perfect, and better looking than the jonas.

    jonas are such wannabes, specially joe, then nick. the only one i think is really into music is kevin, yeah he rocks, but his bros leave nothing 2 him. they suck.

    i am 15, and i personally think Disney used to be good. HSM and Hannah Montana are OK, some of my favorite music, but later on came the jonas, and Selena Gomez, which are shit. i just hope someday Hanson comes back to the spotlight, gives a good kick in Jonas' butts and makes the world cheer up and dance to MMMBop one more time, just like in the old days.

    HANSON >>>>>>>>> JONAS

    Byebye, seeya, hope the jonas wont eat ure brains, hugs&kisses to Zac, Ike and Tay, and 2 all of the Fansons out there you DO have good taste 4 music. love from spain (L) xOxOxO

  7. hanson all the way. The jonas brothers are just a disney product once disney finds the next big thing they will no longer need the jonas brothers. i was 8 when hanson started and have loved them ever since. for me fansons for always.

  8. Hanson wins hands down.

    They had much more fame back when they were "big" in the days of Mmmbop but aside from that they have since started their own record label and are still successful independently in selling out concerts and gathering their loyal fanbase that is yet to diminish.

    Once a Fanson ALWAYS a Fanson.

    Jonas will fall apart before to long I'm sure- if they stay a success I'd be very surprised. I also agree that they are sell outs. I hate going anywhere they have Jonas and Hannah Montana everywhere. Who the hell needs Jonas sneakers, shirts, lunchbox, pencils, pencil sharpeners, jewelry, cutlery, bedspreads, pillows… Must I go on?

    Hey… I wonder if they have Jonas toilet paper because I'd happily wipe my ass on it!

  9. Hanson. Definitely. Not only does Hanson have better music, they have bigger hearts. Have you not heard of Taking The Walk? Come on, people! Jonas Brothers will never be more than a teeny-bopper rocker wannabe band whose only purpose is to earn Disney money. It's all commercail in fact it's not as much as the Jonas Brothers, it's Disney. Maybe if they left Disney they could lead better musical career and be more respected, but until then, they get no respect from me.

  10. I was about 5 years when Hanson was the hit, and I still love them even to this day…The Jonas bros are okay too. But big up to Hanson!

  11. Hanson is, always has been, and always will be the more respectable band. The Jonas Brothers seem like nice guys, but they are clearly a Disney product. Disney is milking them dry–a music career, a movie and now a television show, along with silly merchandise with their photos plastered on them… Hanson would never sell out that way because they are about the MUSIC. =)

  12. Ok, Rings and mmmbops for everyone!!

    Don´t forget we are talking about pop music! and this site is called.. stupid celebrities,so.. Good Luck!

  13. Let’s have some indie Jonas…and then we can talk…lets see what all of u JB fans are made of. Because if u guys think Jonas are famous u should have been around in the 90’s…I dont even like any of these bands but i was there when the pop hell started and let me tell you there’s not such thing as “JB mayhem” times are sooo diferent now (thank God)and if u guys think u invented breathing look back and see how ridiculous was back then…Hanson, BSB, Nsync and stuff like that were real mayhem…but anyways just posting lol enjoy any kind of music that you listen to. And instead of fighting shout out for the fans that are commited and follow music till the end of the road.

  14. Hanson all the Way! Hanson fans have been around for 12 years. I seriously doubt Jonas Brothers will have that long of a fan base. They are Disney Fad until something else comes along.
    Yes Hanson sings the song MMMBop. But That song is so timeless. Jonas Brothers have not a number 1 single according to Billboard Music Chart.
    Hanson are not about the Merchandise. They don’t put their faces on pencil sharpeners. It seems that Jonas brothers are more about what can I sell. Hanson are about the Music and have always been about the music. No matter if Hanson has a song on the radio or not they will always be number 1! They don’t need to sell out to Disney crap to have success.
    Hanson has had the Number 1 Independent album with “Underneath” in 2004 from their own label 3CG Records. Hanson Concerts still sell out. They are doing what they love and the fans love them. Married with Kids. They will always be Hanson to the true Fansons!

    Most of Jonas brothers fans are about how the guys look. That’s fine. But it won’t last because they will find someone else to crush on.

  15. Hanson. No contest. Their first single topped the charts in 27 countries and also topped the most prestigious critics poll in the US. And they WROTE (NOT co-wrote) it when they were all still children! They have also sold about 15 million records worldwide, compared to the Jonas Brothers' 8 million. Even though the JoBros have the mighty Disney corporation propping them up, Hanson have bested them in every way possible.

  16. Hanson easily. The Jonas Brothers don't even come close.

    Hanson's debut single "MMMBop" topped the charts in about 30 different country's, and from what I can see, Jonas Brothers have had mixed success outside the US, and certainly not had the sort of hit like "MMMBop" which everybody knows.

  17. i prefer hanson.. they just sound so much cooler than the jonas brothers! I don’t know where Hanson is right now, but I don’t like the jonas brothers much. sure, i was what, 5, when hanson came out, but the jobros came out when i was 14.. i never really got into them. they insult Hanson in one of their songs too…
    Hanson rules!

  18. HANSON.. sin duda. soy una seguidora desde sus inicios, y la verdad hanson ha evolucionado mucho en sus canciones. ademas tienen su propia disquera y salieron adelante cuando todos les cerraron las puertas. Arriba Hanson!

  19. hanson es el mejor…no tenggoi nada en contra con jonas brother..pero hanson salio sin ayuda de una gran compania como la disney…y hasta hoy tienen muchas seguidoras y su musica ah evolusionado mucho con el tiempo.

    jonas brothes es muy comercial…veremos cuanto dura

  20. jonas brothers all the way they are amazing and even though Hanson are good looking the Jonas Brothers are just amazing >:]


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