Lisa Rinna In May’s Playboy (Photos)


Ladies get ready to hate actress Lisa Rinna! Her secret to looking awesome in her upcoming May Playboy photo spread is skipping the gym. Read more on Lisa Rinna’s playboy photos below.

Lisa Rinna spoke about her decision to pose for Playboy.

“This was really hard for me because being 45 years old and posing for Playboy, you want to amp it up,” Rinna told People magazine.

Rinna says that the Playboy photographer Deborah Anderson wanted Lisa Rinna to skip her workouts.

“She said, ‘I do not want you long and sinewy and angular and muscular. I want you soft,’ ” says Rinna.

And just what does Rinna’s actor hubby think of her Playboy photos?

“Unbelievable!” says hubby Harry Hamlin. “They’re absolutely awesome!”

You can view Lisa Rinna’s Playboy spread in their May issue.

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  1. What a selfish thing to do! Lisa is who her three daughters look up to to learn to love themselves the way God intended them to be. When her daughters do not love themselves and want to have cosmetic surgery or display themselves in Playboy magazine, what is Lisa going to say? When parents have children, especially daughters as Lisa has, they must remember they are role models for their children.


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